Saturday, 15 May 2010

History repeats itself...

I have been away.....but I am back....I have not been fully out of touch and there has been so much going on of late that I was wondering where to start?

So here goes.....

They say history repeats itself.....and some never learn the lessons from history.

I am no fan of "call me Dave" case you haven't worked that one out already. Suffice to say the man would do anything to be Prime Minister absolutely anything from abandoning core Conservative principles to sharing his bed now with Clegg and his Liberal Democrats.

This coalition Government is bad for Britain and we will never free ourselves from the shackles of the EU or right the wrongs of the last few decades without a totally Pro-British party neither bigoted nor racist, and that will not happen until the Conservative party as it stands disintegrates or the true Tories within it split from the Cameroons.

How long this coalition will last under traditional and constitutional Parliamentary rules the pundits offer various odds from a few months to 18 months at the outside? 


However now we see the first attempt to entrech and solidify Camerons grasp on power by attempting to pass his own version of "The Enabling Act" and what a cynical calculating piece of chicanery this is.

His proposed change to the constitution to secure 5 year fixed term Parliaments requiring 55% of MP's to vote to dissolve is constitutionally abhorrent and any self respecting Parliamentarian of any party should resist this with the utmost vigour.

The last person to successfully impose this type of power was one Adolf Hitler in 1933 on his ascension to Chancellor (a post he coveted for over a decade).

It is worth noting that Hitler was elected to the Reichstag with only 43.9% percent of the vote, formed a coalition Government then bullied through the Enabling Act secure his grasp on power and the rest as the say is history!

Cameron polled just 23.5% of the vote in the UK and yet somehow he's now the PM!

If Cameron suceeds with this legislation we will be stuck with a PM that the majority of voters did not want and a Government for five years or more, even more left of centre that Nu-Labour ever were!

What I find highly ironic is that just a few days ago we had mainstream media and politicians complaining about an un-elected Prime Minister in Gordon Brown heading and running an un-elected Government and now we have a Governement and a PM no majority actually voted for trying to change the constitution to maintian its grasp on power......

Ironic indeed...

Gordon must be kicking himself thinking "I wish I'd thought of that" if only he had he's still be in No 10.....

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