Wednesday, 31 March 2010

And so it came to pass….and may do so yet…

Today, four men were convicted of armed robbery, after being found guilty by a single judge in the first serious criminal trial to be heard without a jury in over four hundred years.

I mentioned this before and lamented at the woeful lack of Mainstream Media (MSM) interest in this case. I do wonder how many more trials there will be without such protection against the abuse of State power before the MSM takes an interest.

The establishment (read the political elite of the State who govern us) argue that this case was only heard by a single judge in extremis, as a result of three collapsed trials amid allegations (of which no evidence was made public due to its “sensitivity”) of jury tampering. Whether that is or isn’t so is, possibly, irrelevant.

Or perhaps not....

But my question is this; why do we have a police force service if not to protect jury members from interference by potentially violent defendants and intimidation from their ilk?


How long before in extremis becomes normalus?

The tradition of trial by a jury of our peers is, or rather was, a potent bulwark against the power of the State and part of the fabric of our society; it was also a powerful deterrent against abuse by the State of unlawful imprisonment, established under Habeas Corpus and The Bill of Rights.

The legislation that did away with it was politically motivated, ill-conceived and downright dangerous. One of the first acts of the next government should be to end it, and the thousands of other punitive and bullying laws and regulations introduced since Anthony Blair’s Year Zero, 1997.

But I forget we don’t have any effective opposition to the current Government only consensus politics in action yet again as proved today on the announcements on our future energy policy.

For there to be any meaningful hope of lasting change in this country the abc & abC (anything but conservative & anything but Cameron) Conservatives have to be defeated in this next election.

For those still living in fantasy land understand this;

I don't, believe for a second a Tory government would be significantly different from a Brown government. So if you can't stand Nu-Labour, you won't be able to stand the abc conservatives either.

However the Tory party cannot sustain a fourth successive election defeat, so a defeat this time would give us the electorate a unique opportunity, unrepeatable for at least 20 years, to get rid of them for good.

We already know the boys 'progressive conservatives' are useless because they've explained this repeatedly in detail. There's no point in fantasising that they'll all pile into a phone box after being elected, and rip off their Nu Labour suits to reveal superhero costumes, with a giant C on the front before becoming real conservatives.

Believe these guys when they say they are the “heirs to Blair”. They mean what they say, and what they say (as evidenced by Michael Gove’s adulation for Blairite policies) is that they'll govern as New Labour.

Putting them into office will simply allow us to repent having done such a thing at our ruinous leisure, and postpone the moment when they eventually collapse and can be replaced, but if we miss this opportunity probably not until after most of us in my generation are dead.

If they do lose, and its increasingly likely they will, the Tory party as it stands now will then deservedly collapse and split, a new era of hope will open in which it may be possible to create a properly conservative, pro-British political movement, neither bigoted nor politically correct, which can throw New Labour, the EU and everything they stand for, into the sea in three or four years' time.

Then, and only then, when we have a government which understands and attempts to reverse the left-wing revolution of the past 50 years, will we be able to begin to put right the ills which beset our once Great Britain, from wresting back our national independence from the EU, to drunken disorder and fear on the streets, to unwanted mass immigration, the betrayal of the children of the poor by atrocious schools, the radical assault on family and private life and the monstrous misuse of taxation to finance indolence, both high and low.

But meanwhile the madness continues;

It is now illegal to sell goldfish to children

My will to live……….is slowly ebbing away….....


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