Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Don’t make me laugh…….

So little Georgie Porgie and his Con(ning)Lib chums are set to take a “scalpel” and axe £6.2 Billions from the UK deficit…… currently one would add standing at £700 Billions and rising at the rate of £500 Million a day!!

That’s 12 days and 10 hours worth of Government expenditure you’re going to save Georgie, Hurrah!! trebles all round I say…..!

It’s enough to make you weep never mind laugh.

Speaking to a friend “in the know” today I also learned that a North East health authority, that shall remain nameless to protect my friend, spends £3,000 a month; yes A MONTH, on taxi fares just so they can ‘to and fro’ confidential patient records between a central storage facility and clinical premises.

Computers cannot be much in evidence methinks within the NHS or anyone who knows how to use them, nor common sense because if I’d been in charge I’d have hired a retired person with a driving licence, given them a second hand van and paid them a £100 a week or so to drive until the computer was up and running.

They also “binned” 13,000 nurses and doctors uniforms, scrubs, surgical garments and white coats etc (still in their sterile sealed packets) because they fancied a change in the uniform style!

The NHS is the new Black then....

And, I am reliably informed, every health authority in the UK “bins” the very expensive ward beds every two years to prevent the spread of the MRSA and Difficile virus.

Have they never heard of Domestos?

The waste of “our” money is of Titanic proportions, and no one, I repeat no one in the private sector could ever be so irresponsible with 'company' money because if they were they’d be out of a job, period.

I was going to laugh at all the above but then read this little gem in the Mail…..

And as I weep, meanwhile the BIGGEST ELEPHANT in the room still goes unnoticed….or un-talked about, yes The EU….

Many of you may not know this but our net, yes NET contribution to the EU budget, yes that’s the amount we pay taking into account any money they give us back, this year will rise by 60% from £4.2 Billions to £6.4 Billions.

Couldn’t you take a scalpel to that George and double the cuts to almost 25 days worth of savings?

But I forget…… Our boy, The Dear Leader keeps telling us “were in Europe but not ruled by Europe”.



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