Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mephedrone Versus Electricity….and the winner is??

Well, I can only find figures that are up to date for 2002 but the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents compiled statistics shows that 8,364 people suffered domestic electrical and radiation* accidents in the UK for that year.

*Can one actually buy domestic nuclear power plants??

The fact that electricity is manifestly more dangerous than mephedrone hasn’t stopped politicians of all parties climbing enthusiastically aboard the moral panic bandwagon over the deaths, “possibly” and “partly” caused by the drug, of two (I’ll repeat that, two) Scunthorpe teenagers on Monday. Whom I would add would appear to have drunk huge quantities of alcohol at the same time as ingesting this drug!

What I find of particular note, which is incredibly illuminating into how both the Tories and New Labour operate, is that they have rushed out and promised to ban a substance they openly admitted they had never heard of until today!

Given they knew nothing of something this morning, the fact the government could move so quickly, with the ABC (anything but conservative) Tories hot on their heels and so determinedly so is quite chilling. What ever happened to considered political decisions based on research and empirical evidence?


However, to my knowledge, not one politician, of any party, has called for a ban on electricity?

However I humbly submit to correction if I have erred in this conclusion.

But we have no need to worry “The Prince of Darkness” Mandelson himself says he will “look into the drug speedily.”

I cannot contain my excitement at the prospect of such a thought……

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