Monday, 4 January 2010

Without oxygen they can't breathe!

Why ohh why do we fly off into bed wetting panic attacks and run around like headless chickens every time these Islamic extremists threaten to offend us this or that way.....why?

Yes I agree the proposed protest march by Anjem Choudray and his extremist followers is an affront to the solemn dignity that Wooton Bassett has come to represent for British people who support our armed forces, the quiet stoic dignity as fallen soldiers are repatriated is synonymous with all that our proud heritage and culture has to offer, the Main Stream Media are as guilty as all the Facebook campainging at providing these extremists the oxygen of publicity they need to get their message across.

But I have a better idea:

Let them march, let them walk, run, wave banners and slogans as much as they like through Wooton Bassett but we should do the following to show the contempt we feel for them.

Shut up the shops,  close doors, draw curtains, empty the streets, desert the place of all life except to have a lone bobby police the march and just ONE main stream media camera to film these sad un-British excuses for human beings walk by with no-one watching, no one caring, no one giving one fig for what they want to achieve, show them the utter contempt we feel by blanking them, totally, utterly, completely.

Starve them of the oxygen of publicity and the oxygen of confrontational counter protest.

Now that would be.........publicity worth splashing all over the MSM and internet, and what a message that a, sad lonely empty march past devoid of any interest in what they have to say would send.


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