Friday, 1 January 2010

My Predictions for 2010…..

I am an optimist, truly I am but only where I can influence my own life, and social circle, so here’s my 2010 predictions;

Expect a long protracted “general election” campaign as soon as the thieving disingenuous, shameless utterly contemptuous (of us the electorate) gang of self serving politicians return from their 24 day (paid by us) Christmas jolly.

The election campaign is pointless basically unless a party emerges or changes tack in realising that the measures that really matter are addressed. i.e. The EU, Public debt, The Economy, Afghanistan.

The election campaign will be the most personal, vindictive and vitriolic in history, expect the Main Stream Media to lead the way on personal attacks on Gordon Brown.

Expect Sound bites to rain down on us as though we are as infantile and compliant as a 1950s school room class. We will be beaten into the ground with TV, Web and hoardings exhorting us to vote this or that.

The unelected unaccountable commissars in Brussels, our true political masters will continue to drive towards a fully integrated Europe, politically and eventually culturally by issuing continued diktats and regulations.

Expect our own faceless power mad council bureaucratic clipboard brigade to enforce said diktats with all the zeal of the Spanish Inquisition.

The House of Commons will bluster and feign real outrage at our continued loss of liberties but will do nothing about it.

We will be forced to continue to witness the continued devaluing of our historic institutions, rights, liberties, riches, traditions and culture by the continued march of the socialist egalitarian liberal cultural revolution, driven by the philosophy of “equality” that only creates more “inequality” and a profound sense of injustice and anger by the enforced heavy handed violence of the Statute book.

David Cameron will become PM in the General Election. However he will not have a workable majority and back benchers will increasingly become more rebellious as they become more alienated at the divisions within the party to tackling issues such as reducing public expenditure versus raising taxes, and divisions over the influence and power of the EU in UK policy, all against a backdrop of high unemployment, and a very slow economic recovery.

The Conservative party will eventually suffer a schism and a true Pro British party will emerge led by true conservatives within the remains of the party. (I wish)

I will attempt to mend the outside pipe that has developed a split from the cold snap.

Unemployment will continue to rise, topping 3 million by mid 2010.

Public debt will reach £1.2 Trillions by June 2010 if current policies continue.

UK Plc’s coveted AAA credit rating will be downgraded to AA or even A by credit rating agencies in the wake of this.

The overall average temperature will continue to get colder.

I will go and see Avatar (3D) at the cinema at least 6 times!

The carbon trading industry i.e. the promoters of man made global warming and co-incidentally the inventors of turning a trace gas (CO2 consisting of less than 0.4% of our atmosphere) into a tradable commodity will continue to ratchet up the “climate” of fear and change tack as it gets colder to making us fearful of increasing “acidity” in the seas but will continue to prosper handsomely from the same.

Police DNA database of “innocent” citizens will top 5 million people.

A high level high profile terrorist attack will occur.

Biometric ID cards will become compulsory, an EU diktat will be issued to introduce this and the “combating of terrorism” will be the rationale behind it due to the recent attack.

Government will “lose” more confidential personal data on its citizens.

I will grow more vegetables in my garden than I did last year.

Iran will develop nuclear weapons and the capacity to deliver them “on target” to Tel Aviv.

If Iran does then Israel will attack the facilities developing this capacity.

The Palestinian question will remain a subject of focus because despite all the oil wealth within the Arab world that could solve the poverty and deprivation that is pitiful to see, it suits the Arab world to have the Palestinians suffer from such as it acts a focal point in attacking Israel.

Expect more law abiding citizens to be locked up for defending their homes and families from burglars as the police and courts enforce their monopoly on force whilst simultaneously failing to enforce the law.

More courageous men in dusty bleak places will be horribly maimed and some will die all because our self serving politicians lack the moral courage to admit they were wrong and will continue to lie about the reasons for being there.

The butcher’s bill will exceed 350 by year end.

Heating and fuel prices will increase by at least 30% by end of 2010, due to short sighted blinkered government policy on pushing “alternative energy” sources in combating “man made climate change” whilst failing to tackle a growing global scarcity of natural oil and gas with nuclear energy.

Quantitative Easing will end in the USA and UK.

World stock markets will crash when it does.

I will go ice climbing and mountaineering, before man made global warming melts all the ice!

But whatever happens remember this, in your own world the one place you can influence, in this sanctuary of our own personal lives, their will be sorrow and sadness, happiness and joy and love and laughter may yours be filled with bundles of the latter and few of the former.


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