Friday, 1 January 2010

Question and it’s a serious one; When do pigs at a trough have enough to eat?

In case you didn’t know we’ve had the coldest December in 15 years but weather records are State secrets now because the weather information could be used to damage Britain’s “international relations” so unless you look out the window or go for a walk in the snow you might never have really known!

Now considering the EU wants to squander another 6 Billion Euros (our money) on combating man made global warming its only fitting they go experience the effects of all this extra global warming carbon for themselves………

Far from me to criticise the ability for children to enjoy skiing, it’s a passion I and my children love too, but there the similarity ends as I’m the one that has to pay for the privilege, but if only, Ohhh if only I was a EU official…….

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