Wednesday, 9 December 2009

So “it’s settled” then??

One doesn’t really have to go far in the blogosphere to find huge numbers of people who are “sceptical” of AGW. Just type in “Climategate” to Google and you’ll see what I mean. Even in the MSM there are many many comments on blogs and articles that attack the MSM and Political consensus that is promoted with propaganda and uses the “climate” of fear to further the agenda.

And now the US Environmantal Protection Agency wades in with a statement that Co2 is now somehow a toxic pollutant that threatens the very existence of our species. Did IQ's suddenly drop overnight, has reason left the planet!

Sadly the EPA statement is all to typical of the political and narrow scientific agenda (which I’ll come to shortly in another blog that in my opinion exposes the true nature of “what its all about”) that dismisses “sceptics” as “flat earthers” and attempts to tarnish us with the same brush as holocaust “deniers”. The motive is to close down debate, to dismiss and ignore, belittle and marginalise anyone who dares to disagree. Is that how true scientific practice in the 21st Century today is conducted? Clive Crook over on the Atlantic and Dr. Bill Gray eloquently expose the tactics and methods employed.

All we “sceptics” ask is that common sense and objectivity is applied to reach realistic observational conclusions about the most momentous political, social, financial, and economic decision facing our species today.

Read this article about the Maldives, an excellent article by an eminently qualified Nils Axel Momer who has based his opinion and conclusions on actual observational science, not computer models and note how his correspondence has been repeatedly ignored and also this statement challenge to the UN and IPCC signed by an impressive wish list of suitably qualified climate scientists.

Expect them to be ignored, sidelined, smeared and not even reported in the MSM.

But the message remains clear and consistent from the "sceptics", repeated requests to appeal to reason and objectivity are ignored again and again by the MSM, the Politicians and the 'eco terrorists' as they continue to up the ante, ratchet up the fear and further The Agenda! There are thankfully some like Chris Booker but still too few like James Delingpole in the MSM who see through the hyperbole and the brazen lies.

We are being asked nay bullied, corralled, pushed and herded by propaganda and the tactics of creating a “climate” of fear based on computer programmes stuffed with manipulated data and errors, based on frankly dubious, limited, and incomplete observational science to write THE biggest ECONOMIC SUICIDE NOTE in the history of Western Civilisation!

And they call us............“deniers”


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