Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I suppose with man made climate change being the new creed of the 'eco terrorists' supported by the complicit voice of Main Stream Media and driven home with the heavy handed weight of Politicians, then it was inevitable that they'd eventually succumb to their own "recycling" faith in an attempt to ignore and discredit “sceptics” calls for honest disclosure, reason, and debate.

Gerald Warner over on The Telegraph makes a good point in trying to understand their (Met Office) motives, when he asks why these warmists along with the tight cabal of climate scientists, practice;

“the destruction or withholding of research models and data which, if they are reliable, should be their pride and joy – documentation that would secure these institutions’ place in history, like Einstein’s equations.”

Good question indeed Gerald, there is no such thing as a coy scientist with bundles of humility when they believe they’ve discovered the formula to turning lead into gold. None indeed.

He finishes his piece thus; “It is the compromised research data recycled. It amounts to a shameless pretence that Climategate never happened, that all is right (or, rather, wrong) with the world. Is it just me, or is AGW a complete and utter crock?”

Good Question Gerald AND No you are not “alone”.


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