Sunday, 6 December 2009

Laughter is now Anti Social Behaviour!

I’m serious, this is real I’m not joking, honest don’t laugh or you too could be subject to an ASBO just for laughing!

Now being a Scot by birth and proud of my heritage I tried not to laugh at this article in The Scotsman. Now we Scots do have a stereotypical image of being a wee bit dour and tight but hey we do have a sense of humour and can laugh at ourselves and others. But, alas no longer now it seems.

Stuart Hunt has an ASBO preventing him from laughing and has been prosecuted for doing so!

The ASBO prevents him from laughing at people, staring at anyone or slowly clapping his hands at the actions of others. He is also banned from waving objects at people and adopting a menacing stance.

"I am being systematically criminalised," he said. "There must be terrorist suspects who have more human rights than I've got here." I think you might be close to the mark there Stuart!

He added: "Two police officers turned up at my house and charged me with breaching the ASBO by laughing at the neighbours' daughter. They charged me with laughing – specifically and only with laughing. I couldn't believe it. It's absolutely absurd.” Is there nothing more to occupy The Police in Inverness these days?

Susie Squire, the political director of the Taxpayers' Alliance, attacked the potential prosecution Stuart Hunt is subject to now. She said: "This is an absolutely absurd case and it is an utter waste of police time at a time when police resources should be put towards more Bobbies on the beat and fighting crime in the whole community. To threaten to prosecute someone for laughing is absolutely ridiculous.” Good point Susie.

Some other ASBO’s bordering on the ridiculous are listed at the end of the article.

So there you have it Nu-Labour’s answer to making our society a safer more pleasant place to live in action.


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