Sunday, 8 November 2009

They died in Vain, for Vanity.....

Almost 800 years have passed since the signing of Magna Carta that established the liberty of British subjects from despotic absolute rule. Our armed services have fought in defence of that liberty in many conflicts since then, and yet the current generation is futilely fighting and dying in Afghanistan for what?

They are not fighting and dying to preserve democracy in Afghanistan, nor to stop the opium trade, nor to make Britain safer from terrorists, nor to help stem immigration to Britain as the clown Phil Woolas would have you believe, or for whatever other vain, silly excuse politicians can think of next. They are fighting and dying to protect the indecisive, self deluding, dishonest self serving vain pride of politicians in Westminster, who lack the courage to admit they are wrong and the moral guts to do something about it, but then as long as its somebody else’s son, father, husband and not one of their own immediate paying the price then why worry.

Those liberties for which our armed forces fought, within the living memory for many who stood at their Cenotaphs today, especially the struggle against a central despotic totalitarian regime led by Hitler that wished to impose its ideology on the rest of Europe, have been steadily eroded, to the point where we are no longer an independent nation. We have lost that ultimate freedom – the freedom to govern ourselves.

This, however, will be the last Remembrance Day before the Lisbon Treaty comes into force. Next year, we will be remembering not only the lives that were expended in the cause of our liberty, and the ever growing number of lives wasted in Afghanistan but more importantly the fact that we have, despite all those sacrifices, had our liberty stolen.

They have died in vain for the vanity of politicians.

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