Sunday, 8 November 2009

Mr. Men launch campaign to fight "Stereo-typing"

Popular children’s book characters The Mr. Men have today launched a campaign to stop the stereotyping that they say is blighting their lives.

Mr. Worry stated “I just can’t stop thinking about this; I mean how on earth can we get on with a normal life when we have this to worry about all the time?”

“It’s a bloody disgrace” complained Mr. Grumpy. “We’re being seen as one-dimensional characters by you blithering idiots! We’re not going to take it any more!” Other Mr. Men added their support to the campaign, with Mr. Noisy insisting “THERE’S MORE TO ME THAN SOMEONE WHO JUST SHOUTS A LOT YOU KNOW!” Mr. Greedy went on to explain “I sometimes feel like people just see me as a piece of meat” before licking his lips and adding “Mmmmmmm. Meat…”

Mr. Lazy was asked for his support, but was unavailable and is expected to get out of bed sometime next week. Mr. Quiet also said something, but nobody was quite sure what.

A meeting to support the campaign was organised by Mr. Clever who decided to remind Mr. Forgetful to turn up but then……forgot. Mr. Busy briefly attended before leaving a minute later. Mr. Slow was telephoned on his mobile phone when he failed to turn up and said “I’ll be there…………eventually”

Although Mr. Happy and Mr. Cheerful stated that they are “perfectly satisfied” with their public perceptions, the Government is now urging The Mr. Men and their publishers to sit down around the table to settle their differences, although it has been pointed out that Mr. Clumsy and Mr. Bump demolished the table when they slipped on some roller skates left on the floor by Mr. Messy.

Mr. Funny chuckled “ha ha ha” and thought the whole thing was a big laugh.

As told to Andy Baxter

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