Saturday, 7 November 2009

Britain gets a change of manager.....

There were murmurs of complaint from some political quarters in the press recently but not that much really, when it was announced that the new manager of Great Britain will come from Europe rather than from within the UK on the 1st of December 2009.

"What is important is that we get the best man for the job" announced a Westmister spokesman. "Gone are the days when public opinion expected the British Prime Minister to be British. We tried having an English manager and then a Scottish manager – but none of them worked out. God knows we don't want a Welsh one and now we have a wealthy Eton educated career politician whose never done a real days work in his life wanting to be PM too! BUT the time is right to see if we can do any better using the continental system."

The as yet unnamed new manager of Britain has set up a mutli billion Euro organisation, funded by tax payers that some are calling the "Lisbon Treaty" and it will run all British institutions, foreign and economic policy, defence, home affairs, immigration and education. "But just because we don’t know his name doesn’t mean that power has been handed over to some un-elected, un-accountable faceless bureaucrat," said the spokesman as both Gordon Brown and David Cameron signalled their wholehearted support for the change of management. Our sources say "It has not been made clear" whether the new boss will move to Britain or whether they will continue to be based in Brussels.

We believe that the under this Treaty Britain stands a much better chance of getting into Europe. Getting out of it might prove a little harder though.

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  1. good picture, the people behind the lisbon treaty are the hidden nazis. the fourth riech begins in brussels.