Thursday, 5 November 2009

Remember, Remember the 1st of December......Betrayal, Treason and Loss

I have a confession to make, that I am willing to guess most if not all of you would confess to also, I rather enjoy shaking my head, my eyes filled with that look of wisdom, followed by that immortal saying “I told you so” but I take no pleasure from saying it now. Enjoy November for it is the last month of Britain’s 800 year liberty: Established by Magna Carta, built on since with Habeas Corpus, The Bill of Rights and defended with the ultimate sacrifice by so many, where our rights, customs, freedoms, liberty, sovereignty and right to self determination will disappear on the 1st of December, for on this date the steel jaws of the European project snap shut on all 27 countries who have signed their souls away.

What I find particularly poignant is that the former satellites of the Soviet Empire, who so courageously and peacefully gained their liberty from totalitarian control, have surrendered it to another Empire, almost to the day 20 years later.

If any of you had any lingering doubts about Mr. Camoron, they have disappeared in the smoke and mirrors excuses "Call me Dave" has been attempting to sell us, like a phoney snake oil hustler, he tries to disguise his true intent regarding his “cast iron” guarantee of a referendum, he has never been and will never be a eurosceptic. The word itself is disingenuous, it was invented to hide the true nature of the Tory surrender to the Blair “witch” project almost a decade ago and “call me Dave” follows in that long line of faux eurosceptic Tory leaders, who will talk the talk in an attempt to win the votes, but will never walk the walk. His true intent was obvious when those faithful courtiers to the EU, Kenneth Clarke and Lord Heseltine were appointed to the court of the boy king. Not much more can be said about his surrender to the EU, except perhaps it wasn’t really surrender; it was his direction of travel all along.

I am I confess rather enjoying his squirming under the withering critique of France’s Foreign minister Pierre Lellouche, branding the boy kings stance as “pathetic” I am however not surprised at the failure of the mainstream press, the BBC in particular to squeeze every ounce of discomfort out of Mr. Cameron on this issue like they so obviously enjoy doing with Mr. Brown and I will share with you why this is so.

The mainstream press and the BBC in particular, for the main part staffed by the Liberal left,there are exceptions, see in Mr. Cameron the continuation of the Blair “witch” Project. He is the “heir to Blair” in deed and thought. Many were fooled in 1997, and again in 2001 by the vacuous venal smile of Anthony Blair, the window dressing of the final attempt to destroy true conservative values in this country. If you decide to vote next year for Mr. Cameron, and the current Tory party, at what will be basically the election of a “Governor of the province of Britain” you will be voting for the continuation of Blair liberal left policies

And I predict this:

You will see a further decay almost to the point of collapse of the rule of law and more importantly the death of justice, you will see the continued devaluing of our education system that was once the model for and the envy of the world, you will see unchecked immigration on a scale that will push our society to breaking point, if not violence, you will see laws not based on common sense and for the common good BUT all based on judgments meted out by Strasbourg biased towards selfish individuals, minority interests, convicted criminals, terrorists and enforced by diktats issued centrally in Brussels by un-elected un-accountable commissioners, and finally you will see, perhaps too late and without the ability to check or counter, the slow insidious rise of totalitarian control, supported by technology on a scale Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin could never envisage and would envy beyond belief.

For remember this: A socialist leftist liberal will defend your right to the death to agree with them, but disagree, and they will call the Police.

It does make me wonder, and it is so ironic that on the very day, 5th November, we commemorate the deliverance from a seditious continental terrorist plot and the attempts to subjugate our sovereignty and liberty plotted by the treacherous subversion of Papal Rome, that the continental powers have achieved the eventual subjugation of Britain, her people, her Monarch and her Parliament, by what all started with The Treaties of Rome.

Remember…….....“I told you so” :-(

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