Friday, 6 November 2009

The man who would be King "Canute"

Cameron's sorry king Canute’s pledge to let the British people have a referendum before any new powers are shifted to Brussels is meaningless. What “do nothing Dave” is hoping no one will notice, is that the Lisbon Treaty is a new kind of monster, a “self-amending” treaty: Now that Lisbon is “law” as Mr. Hague so eloquently in his own words surrendered to this week, the European Council can shift new powers to the European institutions without a new treaty or treaty amendment being required. Powers can shift without there being any treaty on which to hold a referendum. It’s called the “ratchet” effect. Frankenstein’s monster has been given a life of its own!

The power lies in eight highly-technical sections of Article 48 of Lisbon (known to those of us who need to get a life as TEU, but I don’t want to make you all fall asleep just yet trying to explain) but in a synopsis it comes down to this: Lisbon allows the council to move things that are currently done by unanimous voting to qualified majority voting. Let me explain.

This is because Article 48 TEU allows the European Council (that is, the prime ministers or heads of state of the member countries, you know the governors of the provinces in the new Empire) to move things that currently require a unanimous vote to QMV (qualified majority voting) in most fields of EU governance...This can be done without the need for a treaty other words, Britain loses its veto over almost 60 areas of self determination, and without the need for a treaty amendment. Ergo no need for anymore referendums no matter what spin and drivel “Do Nothing Dave” spouts.

However the European Council must agree unanimously and it must be done in accordance with domestic constitutional requirements. So every Head of State has a veto over any change in voting but still needs to get their executive to agree. Confused?? I bet you are… other words our PM has to go back to Parliament and tell them to agree.

And this is the way it will work. A weak British prime minister (Mr. Brown Mr. Cameron, doesn’t really matter does it) sitting outnumbered 26 to one at some European summit at 2 o'clock in the morning, being told he must “compromise” or risk being “isolated.” In return for his capitulation, he will be given some form of meaningless diatribe to take back to Britain, assuring Parliament and the people that the change from unanimous voting to majority voting was merely 'technical,' and wasn't a real transfer of power at all.

That's the way the euro-elite and their collaborators in the British establishment do it. It is called a 'three-shirt summit.' Our prime minister is forced to sweat through three changes of shirt and sleep deprivation until he agrees.
So there is absolutely no way a referendum on anything is ever going to happen in the EU again. “Simple innit”

The position of the Tories is that when, if I’d prefer to speculate, they’re in charge of the Province, they will seek to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the EU and repatriate certain powers from Brussels. This so called cosmetic Sovereignty Bill that is nothing more than garnish. The Tories delude themselves and are trying to do so with the electorate that opt-out from the Social Chapter, and so many other areas will be restored. “Do nothing Dave” might as well change his name to Canute and try to stop the tide coming in.

Meanwhile the Lisbon Treaty has created an Empire without any real constraints on its growth. Brussels will accrue more powers, British sovereignty will continue to ebb away, and the un-elected un-accountable commissioners will issue more and more regulations and directives like the waves creeping up the ankles of the new king.
That, sadly, is the reality of the situation. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes we can do something to stop this but only if we let go of our tribal voting instincts and not vote Tory at the next election, nor BNP for that matter. It is hard and I know, I’ve been a lifelong Tory voter until 2001 when I began to see the true nature of the Tory party emerge. It is the party of the centre left now, liberal in outlook, socialist in principle, it no longer holds true conservative values, such as small government, local self determination, the return of selective education that brings equality of opportunity instead of equality of outcome that is happening now, it no longer believes in the rule of law and that criminality, a lifestyle choice, should be punished instead they excuse it. It offers no attempt to challenge the government over the folly of Afghanistan, a futile pointless adventure that is a waste of life, limb, money and materiel and is unwinnable no matter how many coffins pass through Wooton Basset. It has no power now that we have been consumed by Europe to tackle unfettered immigration, the single biggest issue that gives the BNP oxygen. And finally they no longer believe in a sovereign independent Britain as they’re surrender to the EU amply illustrates.

Remember this is a Tory party led by a man who gave Anthony Blair a standing ovation on his departure from the Commons in 2007 describing his tenure as PM as a “remarkable achievement”.

The Tory party is now an organisation whose sole purpose is to gain office for its leading figures at almost any cost and is obsessed with this goal. Its profound lack of stance on any of the major issues is treason of the highest order. In fact, that is the inescapable conclusion, from which stems the further conclusion. Cameron's policy is no more than a cynical exercise in deception – a rag-bag of empty promises dressed up to make it look plausible to a gullible complicit media and some of the electorate. It is calculated to be sufficient to take the edge of a "eurosceptic rebellion" and get him past the hurdle of the next election without losing too many votes.

That is the real difference between New Labour and the Tories. At least with New Labour, what you see is what you get – a bunch of unprincipled self serving socialist career politicians. With Cameron's "modern Conservatives", you still get a bunch of unprincipled self serving socialist career politicians. But they pretend to be otherwise. That is what really sticks in the craw – the pretence.

At least though, with record speed, the "colleagues" have called Cameron's bluff. His "Europe" policy is dead in the water. If there was any justice, so would be his prospects of becoming prime minister. This brazen betrayal really should not go unpunished.

Do not vote Tory.

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  1. And do take stock that its Rememberance day on Sunday, when we all take stock and in silence remember those who gave thier lives on fields all over this planet to defend the freedom and soverignty of Great Britain to detirmine its own destiny. So this Sunday remember those, but also spare a thought for the death of a nation others fought valiantly to protect. Shame on those who allowed this to happen and a pox on those who continue to support a European super state. Legion...