Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Climate Change...a New Religion and that's official....

Tim Nicholson, heard of him? No? Well take note for he’s the first martyr of the New Religion of man made climate change, he hasn’t exactly been burned at the stake, the carbon footprint presumably being too high a price for even him to pay, but he’s the man who was granted permission last March to invoke employment law for protection from discrimination for his conviction that man made climate change was the world's most important environmental problem. Today, he won his “right” under that selfish, self interested, minority rights piece of legislation, The Human Wrongs Act to take his former employer to a tribunal on the grounds that he was unfairly dismissed because of his devotion to said faith.

The truly bizarre thing is that his former employer, Grainger plc (Britain's biggest residential property investment company) held a perfectly legitimate and legal view on carbon footprints which was simply at variance with that held by Mr. Nicholson. Their contention was that Mr. Nicholson’s view was a political view not a religious one. Grainger Plc’s right to hold that view has now been subjugated by Mr. Nicholson’s view not to hold it: Mr. Nicholson contends that, while Grainger did indeed preach the Green gospel, the firm's executives would turn up at meetings in and I quote “some of the most highly polluting cars on the road”. He was presumably choking on the carbon emissions, or was it jealousy at the carbon expenditure, and believes he was persecuted for his beliefs. Grainger Plc maintain his redundancy was a legitimate commercial decision.

Mr. Nicholson’s solicitor, Shah Qureshi, said: "Essentially what the judgment says is that a belief in man-made climate change and the alleged resulting moral imperative is capable of being a philosophical belief and is therefore protected by the 2003 religion or belief regulations." Human Wrongs Act wins again folks!

So discrimination on the grounds of political belief is now subject to the same employment equality laws which protect workers against religious discrimination.

The implications of this ruling are mind boggling. It is not simply that “man made climate change” views are now on a par with religious or philosophical beliefs, but that any “strong beliefs” which influence one’s opinions and which affect a whole lifestyle may be considered a religion. I can hardly wait for the resulting court backlogs to pile up when all and sundry minority “belief” driven individuals and self interest groups take advantage of this crass ruling. As I personally hold a deeply held conviction, nay divine belief in the power of the wine pixies to influence me on a Friday and Saturday evening I’ll be dammed if I’m denied their influence due to my strong “philosophical beliefs” as a result of increased government taxation that prevent me from affording said elixir in the near future, Mr. Darling…..watch out watch out!

And so, now man made climate change eco warriors trump economic sense and commercial interests. The radical environmentalism of this age is one that could be construed as being fundamentally driven by jealousy. Imagine a world, and these people want such a place, where the majority of people, have restrictions imposed on business and enterprise, denied the ability to forge onwards embracing new technologies in a perfectly natural human drive to improve our lot. Poverty is the single biggest problem facing the population of this planet today, it dwarfs any other collective set of problems our species faces, but the green leaf brigade want us to expend our wealth trying to halt a naturally occurring phenomenon that’s been going on for billions of years, and upon which we can have no influence at all, well the pulse and lentil brigade can quite happily self-flagellate in their humble wattle and daub dwellings and occasionally drown their pets as a warning to their children about leaving the candle burning for too long, but I’m not buying the snake oil guys.

Now I suggested my 14 year old daughter, who is a recycling warrior, watch that fear fostering drivel of an advert recently shown on prime time TV, dressed up as a bedtime story and even she thought it OTT and deliberately scary. The eco terrorists continue to call in the heavyweight violence of governments to impose restrictions on progress: the upcoming “climate change” meeting in Copenhagen in December is just another example of how hard they are trying. Unfortunately for us, and the nature of the disastrous public deficit in the UK, the output of the fear film department in DEFRA will continue. Expect more children to be tugging on the sleeves of their parents. "Why didn't you turn the lights off daddy?" "Because I don't want you living in a cave, wearing a sack and gnawing on pulses pet."

“I rest me case MuLud”

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