Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Emperor Stirs….

Well what can I say…….”I told you so”? Perhaps, but that would be facetious, nay smug, but very apt. Our new Imperator Van Rompuy isn’t even in office yet -NOTE he’s the only President NEVER to be elected to office in any democracy, or supposed collections of democratic nations that the EU trumpets it is – and yet he’s keen about new diktats on new taxations on our favourite theme, CO2 emissions and VAT to create a direct revenue source for to swell the coffers of the EU even more.

Didn’t the continental United States go to war with its rulers once upon a time to seek independence with the cry “no taxation without representation”? Hmmm…now there’s a thought!

I think the taxation diktats tells you all you need to know about just how anti-democratic the EU is under the new Emperor and The Commission that are our new Masters now, but Lo it came to pass, and it was so, that the cherry on the cake is this, the most recent diktat on matters of religious conscience……read it and think hard about where our shameful betrayal of our say on the Lisbon treaty leads.

Meanwhile back in Blighty “Do nothing Dave” Cameron and Mr. Broon have been forced to issue snivelling apologies over their disgusting attempts at fake sincerity to garner “brownie points” (no pun intended) on Remembrance Day. Contempt is the only word I can find printable to express my feelings, meanwhile the folly of Afghanistan continues without a word being fired in challenge by the LibLabCon coalition in Westminster……

Interestingly on going back to the EU theme Benedict Brogan picks up on the CONservatives boy kings comments to Andrew Marr recently on his belief that “I don’t want an ‘in or out’ referendum because I don’t think ‘out’ is in Britain’s MY interests.” Shurely shome pronunciation mishtake there Dave?

I guess the Brussels gravy train; its promise of long term lucrative political and financial sinecures is just too tempting to rock the boat then eh Dave? I also believe that, of course, is why the boy who would be king is so reluctant to have a referendum methinks.

So back in the centralised power base of Brussels the Emperor stirs yet again and now wants to strangle our financial institutions with yet more taxation on transactions, a so called Tobin Tax that the only result of such folly will be the re-location of one of the biggest employer industries this country has to less onerous overseas markets, therefore denying the already lucrative tax revenue streams it already pays to where it matters most, here.

If you trade something, make something, sell something, run something, own something, police something, protect something, transport something, communicate something, fish something, grow something, burn something, bury something, store something, repair something, buy something, spend something, exchange something, teach something, learn something, power something, build something, heal something, demolish something, publish something, research something, report something, support something;

Do any of the above, The Commission in Brussels has a rule and regulation on how, when, why, what, where, and who with, you can do it, and now they want to have a say if you consume something, express something AND eventually even THINK something!

Welcome to the New World…........our founding fathers, Le Commission now have the institutions and power, and yes the will to exercise them, and they will exercise that power with extreme prejudice.

“I told you so”…….


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