Monday, 23 November 2009

I told you so

But in the nicest possible way, I said this hacking of the CRU wasn’t going to go away and indeed it hasn’t, Main Stream Media (msm) is starting to pick up on it at last and were seeing more and more articles like this from Christopher Brooker and Daniel Martin and the Telegraph is gettin in on it too, even editorials on the issue. But Joe Public isn’t buying the snake oil despite the best attempts of another “boy blunder” Ed Millibland and his scaremongering chums over at DEFRA. And still nobody asks how much of taxpayers money have they spent on this nonsense?

There are still the doomsayers such as this piece from Prof Bob Watson, who surprise surprise just happens to work for guess who? Yes the University of East Anglia CRU, kinda reminds one of another white bearded gentleman who’ll only bring you pressies if you’re a good little boy or girl who does what their told at this time of year, ho-ho-ho.

Meanwhile the “deniers” of empirical scientific research over at the BBC haven’t followed a single lead on this issue, apart from yesterday’s benign piece. One has to wonder why? Along with the question what are we paying a licence fee for?

And so back in the Westminster bubble “DO nothing to rock the EU boat Dave” is emitting a load of hot CO2 himself with yet another vacuous pledge on cutting business taxes. Do you’re bit to cut CO2 emissions Dave, puhhh…..leeeeese by keeping your mouth firmly shut.

Or if you must open it, try explaining how this latest statement is going to get past our new political masters in Brussels and how if they get their way and tax and strangle businesses production by slashing CO2 emissions we’ll have any competitive industry’s left at all? Go on tell us Dave I’d love to know?

I suppose I could say "I told you so"

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