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Political Correctness, no.. Control of thought and speech welcome to Police State UK plc....

Now for all you people who thought we lived in a democracy with the right to “free speech” read on………….

17th April 2009 was another shameful day for those, like me, who regard free speech as a fundamental part of democracy.

South Cambridgeshire District Council made itself a laughing stock, yet again, by trying to score Brownie Points for political correctness. Councillor Deborah Roberts, one of the few independent councillors remaining on South Cambs Council, was hoisted before “The Standards Committee” by that joke organisation “The Standards Board for England”.

That's the same body of Kangaroo Courters which in 2007 “tried” another councillor for saying that a fellow councillor had attended a “soiree” with a developer. It took the ambulance chasing legal vultures all day long to decide that the other councillor had not benefited from a “soiree” – they had enjoyed tea and biscuits. The verdict – said councillor who made the remark had failed to show the tea and biscuit swiller “respect”. The punishment – banned from the planning committee for three months and “re-training” was required! Strangely, the fact that a councillor was having a private meeting with a developer about one of his schemes proposed on a green belt area, which the tea and biscuit consuming councillor supported, and would have breached the Green Belt was never an issue! Welcome to Nu Britain…..

The evils of the “Code of Conduct” installed by Nu Labour, operated by the Standards Board for England, and put in place to control councillors, intimidate, and to prevent free speech are astounding.

Poor Deborah Roberts, a brave councillor who speaks her mind – and increases her majority – was specifically targeted. Her crime? When referring to Irish gypsies, in a private conversation, addressed to one member of staff, she used the word “them” “in a racist way”. If only I was joking. After the gypsies had managed to quite literally “foul up” their sewerage system she is alleged to have said – again in the private conversation, with nobody else around “Let them stew in their own shit”. The politically correct officer then walked off in a huff and the conversation was put in the public domain by – officers of South Cambs District Council. Great stuff – Mrs Roberts was then said to have shown a lack of respect to Irish Travellers, she was a disgrace to her office and, just for good measure was a racist – what sort of country are we living in now?

Fact – Mrs Roberts was expressing the views of 95 per cent of the residents of South Cambridgeshire; Mrs. Roberts is a constant thorn in the sides of the Establishment and Council Officers; Mrs Roberts is leading the fight for South Cambs to keep its council houses, against the wishes of the Council’s Establishment and Council Officers; Mrs Roberts fights for ordinary people – not political parties. How convenient then to rubbish her to the Standards Board and how, even better, that they should climb on board the bandwagon for a kangaroo court.

Fact – the Irish gypsies bought their site from English didecoys who then set up an illegal site nearby. The Irish site has both legal and illegal plots. The sewage system, which was designed for fifteen plots, now has thirty-seven feeding into it. The system has had assorted waste put into it – including oil – the whole thing literally went up the spout. In despair, settled local residents turned to Councillor Mrs. Roberts to get the site cleaned up.

The Gypsies were told by South Cambs to do the work. They took no notice – despite a legal obligation – so South Cambs agreed to do the work for them. Earlier, when settled residents nearby had similar problems caused by rubbish thrown into their drains and ditches (where’d that come from I wonder!) they were threatened with legal action, and told to do the clean-up themselves. So the law was not being applied evenly or justly – the gypsies were being helped; the Council was discriminating against the locals. Isn’t that illegal? The Council claims that applying the law to gypsies is “sensitive”. Why? Is the British legal system now tiered? Some people have to abide by the law and others are allowed to ignore it?

Of course silly me, I forgot you can punch the “wrong” man in a supermarket queue in mistaken identity, kill him and get 4 years (really means two) yet accost an intruder in your own home at 3 am half frightened out of your wits defending your children and property and be arrested, DNA’d fingerprinted and held for 30 plus hours on suspicion of assault and kidnapping for denying the burglar his “yuman rite” to freedom of running away! But I digress that’s another rant….

So enter Mrs Roberts who used the word “them” – you racist woman (oops! sorry sexist comment I should have said person) shame on you! Careful what you say now, and she believed the sewer should be left to the gypsies to sort out. Another Councillor, Mike Mason then queried the cost of the operation at a meeting and was accused by the same officer of being “Racist”. The officer, clearly binging on political-correctness, then accused those living near the gypsy site of “having racial attitudes”– so any criticism of gypsies now is “racist”. Maybe he should be made to live with Pikey’s raw sewerage flowing outside his house! I’d be interested in what his “comments” would be then? He should be sacked for not implementing public health regulations equally, and for being a jobsworth.

So the work was done – South Cambs Council spent £25,000 cleaning up the private gypsy site with officers claiming that the gypsies would pay. To date the gypsies have paid back £359.41p. The Council taxpayers of South Cambridgeshire have paid the rest. The Council will not say whether this £359.41 was recovered from benefits – such information would break the Data Protection Act. The Council will not say how many gypsies pay council tax – that would break the Data Protection Act; the Council will not say etc ad nauseum…..

So for fighting for local people Councillor Mrs Roberts was discriminated against and treated in a disgusting way. The Kangaroo Court pawed over an A4 document totaling 388 pages all day, with the Standards Board for England represented by their solicitors from Manchester. Their main Irish solicitor could have won “Gold” at the “Boredom Olympics”, she was an embarrassment. She thought that the politically correct whinger was a “whistle blower” – he was – he blew a whistle against free speech and democracy.

How can Councils justify spending thousands of pounds (our money!) on two kangaroo courts – one to discuss the meaning of the word “soiree” and the other the meaning of the word “them”. I believe that “them” council officials who even contemplate these sort of hearings are just not on planet common sense and should be made to live with them there Gypsies.

So the day went on and on and the Standards Board solicitor went on and on turning the whole thing into a shambles. And….with bated breath finally the verdict.

Mrs Roberts was found “guilty” of being “disrespectful” to the gypsies – although no gypsy was present or heard her.

Mrs. Roberts was found “not guilty” of being disrespectful to the officer concerned.

Mrs. Roberts was found “guilty” of bringing her role of councillor into “disrepute” – guilty to everybody in our brave new PC world except the electorate of course.

Her punishment – she was “censured” by the three members of the Standards Committee Hearing Panel – in other words they thought it had been a complete waste of time and money.

Remember, the Code of Conduct for Councillors was introduced by that pillar of “conduct and standards in public life” – two jags Brawler John Prescott. Remember too that for thoroughly bad laws to work it needs people to run them, in this case lawyers, council officials, councillors and volunteers. Have they no concept of right and wrong, free speech and democracy? Can they not see that Nu Labour is gradually controlling everything we do and say with erosions of liberty, free speech, hate crime, and yes its coming “thought crime”.

In my view there is only one word to describe the council officer who reported Mrs. Roberts – he is an “informer”. What is the difference between him and those informers who helped instill the culture of fear in East Germany before the fall of the wall, or even the Third Reich? I want to know? This is a serious and important question – somebody please tell me? Oh, and the officer who oversees the “Code of Conduct” is a very well paid (inevitably) “Monitoring Officer” – he monitors, period. Sinister or what?

Outside South Cambridgeshire Hall there is an ornamental pool, with fountains that South Cambs cannot afford to operate. The cost of the Kangaroo Court, including all the paperwork over fifteen months is about £50,000.

I believe that those officers who thought the word “them” to be racist should pay the bill – not the council tax payers of South Cambridgeshire.

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