Friday, 23 October 2009

"Right Honourable" yeah...members of Parliament

I wont bore you with re-iterating all the daily sordid stories of greed and gluttony regarding MP’s expenses and allowances save to say what utter disgust and contempt I hold every single one of them in for they are nothing more than a crooked self serving elitist club that exist to serve themselves.

They call themselves public servants? Nay….they think we, the silent law abiding tax paying compliant majority exist to serve them.

They have one of the best pension schemes in the UK funded by and underwritten by us the taxpayers of this country; they get a salary of over £65,000 p.a. when the average salary within the UK is just under £25,000 p.a. for those of us still lucky enough to have a job after the utter mismanagement of our economy! (source: office of National statistics) many have outside business interests (where do they find the time for that?) and they get almost 12 weeks summer holiday and then have the gall to make claims for all these despicable items that improve their quality of life at our expense! I call it theft, deception and fraud it’s nothing more nothing less.

You and I would be having a “chat” under caution with Inspector Knacker of the Yard if we behaved this way towards our employers but this little select club of members make their own rules and guess what “its within the rules” they cry when found out.

But you know your dealing with the lowest of the low when Tory Whip…..yes Tory MP James Grey (the same man who had an affair while his wife was ill with breast cancer) claims for poppies and wreaths for Remembrance Day…..what a disgusting shameless act of utter selfishness and an utter despicable insult to our wounded and fallen soldiers. He should be sent to the front line in Afghanistan immediately and serve alongside our dedicated forces personnel but I’d not have him in my platoon.

This is a serious question and it has to be asked; how many of these MP’s have actually offered to repay to the public purse the sums of money from these obvious fraudulent claims? How many?

That tells you all you need to know about the morality and “honour” they claim to have! If any one of them had a shred of decency, or were truly repentant they would repay every penny of these nest feathering expenses and allowances they have claimed, and resign for shame. Les just see how many will actually do this? Not one I bet will.

Don’t be fooled by the Tories either…they’re up to their tails in the pig trough every bit as much as all the other MP’s of all parties and they are led by “hug a hoodie call me Dave” who is just another Anthony Blair….mark my words if your silly enough to vote for “Dave” at the next general election you will get another 10 maybe 15 years of what we’ve been through since 1997, trust me they are utterly useless and do not represent what the vast majority of us want for this country.

If you don’t believe me try this:

For a few days ask everyone you know and meet in your circle of family and friends the following questions;

Do you want the UK to be part of the European Union?

Do you think being in Europe is good for Britain?

Do you think criminals should be punished properly for their crimes?

Do you believe in stern just penalties for convicted criminals including capital punishment for murder? (See my rant on capital punishment for why I believe so)

You will be surprised at the answers; then ask yourself this question?

Do any and I mean ANY of the political parties truly represent what you and I want for this country? The answer you’ll find is NO.

These self serving “career” politicians are all to happy to take the salary, perks, privileges and allowances of “office” but are far too morally weak and gutless to take the responsibility and make the moral decisions that goes with said same “office”, like punishing the wicked not making excuses for them, like standing up the Brussels and saying “non”.

You may think there is nothing we can do to change this rotten system but believe it or not there is…..each and every one of us has a “vote”

I would urge you to not vote at the next general election, don’t vote for any of them, and tell your friends and family not to vote either, get them to pass the message along and lets create at the next general election a resounding message to all of these self serving careerists “we’ve had enough” if enough of us stayed away from the polling booths how could any MP’s elected on say a 10% vote of the population make any claim to have a mandate to govern? But better still it would destroy the Tories and maybe just maybe we would get a political party from its ashes that would represent what we want?

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