Friday, 23 October 2009

MP's and the whole rotten house


I haven’t had a decent rant in ages – sorry for those who’ve missed me. The problem is that I have to work to earn my living……..what with the office move, endless painting and decorating and Oh my personal favourite sorting the incompetence of BT over the last 12 weeks and still counting!!! I mean all I wanted was a simple extra line to carry broadband and telephone calls, c’mon….BT, get your act together (I can imagine if I’d placed the order with my pet shop what would have happened! I’d maybe have a line in by now)

Oh…..and….I can’t simply go into Darlington and buy two new flat screen television sets, two new DVD’s, an antique fireplace complete with coal, a new cooker, a plug for the sink, several light bulbs, a garden hoe, some dog food and then pay Viv £112.35, the day rate (365 days a year of course) as my office researcher, to carry it all back to the car. Oh, silly me I forgot the porn. You’ll just have to go back Viv and get the 5 titles for five nights for £10 from Blockbusters! (Don’t forget to claim the mileage) And then all I have to do is claim the lot on expenses, before going off to enjoy bed and breakfast at my sister’s down the road – (I don’t actually have a sister but if anyone wants to pretend I’ll split 60/40 with you?) warranting another expenses claim form – and ask all you….my fellow taxpayers to foot the bill…..Nice…..

That is how blatant Jacqui Smith and her husband are, as they ransack the public purse – of our money……what a duo….and where’s inspector Knacker of the Yard? Investigating the deliberate embezzlement of public money? Here’s a clue Sherlock, 646 potential suspects all in the same building Westminster SW1

NO……..he’s off on some goose chase investigating the torture claims from that Ethiopian, you know the one who isn’t even a UK citizen who just happened to be crossing the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan on a false passport on some bogus “finding myself” drug addiction quest! Yeah we believe you! How much have we spent on him so far? Let’s see there’s the £200,000 for the flight back, add in accommodation, security, ohh don’ forget the social security benefits, not to mention the legal aid bill, and to top it all he gets to make claims of torture on the BBC (just watch the compensayshun bill come in!) But was the reporter allowed to ask him searching probing questions about his activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan, was he allowed to question why he was obviously lying about his reasons for being there and why he had false papers? Oh no because that would have infringed his “yuman rites!” so much for the balanced BBC eh!

But I digress…..

And oh dear, now of course it is said that there is a little bit of domestic trouble for Mrs Smith and her hubby, the press attention getting a bit too invasive my dear? If you’d been an honest woman you wouldn’t have the press camped on your doorstep now would you? And just like the useless Tessa Jowell and her husband, remember the convenient marital split when he was being investigated for fraudulent activities in Italy? Of course Tessa Jowell was the one who couldn’t remember the details of their mortgages and yet she’s the one in charge of the finances for the London Olympics….I’m brimming with confidence on that one Tess.

Jacqui Smith has received support from Peter Mandelson. No surprise there, though hang on a minute didn’t our unelected Minister Mandelson have a little trouble with his mortgages too? Perhaps he ought to have a chat with Tessa Jowell, amnesia is contagious it seems…

Failing amnesia of course you could always rely on “accidentally” shredding the expenses claim forms, “worr” Anthony (Bliar) used that one.

Then of course there’s David Milibland, that well-known supporter of South Shields Football Club. He claims that “worr Jacqui” is doing a wonderful job. Aren’t there a few financial question marks over the finances behind Milibland’s residential accommodations as well? Is there anybody with straight-forward finances and living arrangements in the House of Commons? I think we should be told. C’mon Inspector Knacker there’s work to be done see if you can find at least one honest MP.

Now, simply because all this information is out in the public domain, where it should be, world traveller (at our expense), gravy train rider (at our expense) and Speaker of the House of Commons, Gorbals Mick, believes that there has been an enormous breach of confidence. This is the same man who wanted to bar freedom of information requests on MP’s remember? Something to hide Mick?

I never thought I’d actually agree with him on anything but for once he is right – there has been an enormous breach of confidence – a breach between members of parliament and the people who elected them. The simple fact is that most people in Britain today believe that “they are all at it”. I believe that too. I was speaking to a very switched on, articulate lady client recently. She said: “I have totally lost faith in British democracy – I won’t be voting for any of them at the next election, we have all been taken to the cleaners by those self serving politicians.” My feelings precisely madam, although I was tempted to use a slightly more colourful vocabulary to articulate my feelings.

What we want is not an inquiry into MPs expenses run by a group of Establishment stooges. “Its well within the rules” I hear them cry! “Well change the rules” is what we the taxpayers are screaming! What is required is a complete reform of the House of Commons. Forget reforming the monarchy, the House of Lords, or the Church of England – the most urgent need is to get decent public serving men and women back into Parliament. People with “real” life experience not professional politicians who don’t know what it’s like do an honest days work. Until then those who fail to resign for their disgraceful behaviour should be thrown out – and first in a long line should be Jacqui Smith. Second should be that Scottish idiot (yes I know I’m a Scot but I’m ashamed to be of the same nationality as him) for failing to throw her out in the first place!

Before the reform of the House of Commons has been achieved there need only be one piece of financial outlay, and I’d happily pay for it – a polygraph for all those who rise to their feet to speak.

And finally heed the advice of the lady above….don’t vote for any of them.

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