Friday, 23 October 2009

Police and what they spend our money on

Dear Mr. Chief Constable.

There’s a whole section devoted to “diversity” on your Durham Constabulary website. What on earth has that got to do with deterring, preventing, detecting and pursuing criminal behaviour in the County of Durham?

Just how much of your £128 Millions budget (07/08) did you spend on this particular area of crime prevention? Your accounts do not specify, but I do know your budget set aside for Police pensions albeit refunded under FRS17 was £72 Millions.

Why is my local police force, sorry “service”, you know the one I help fund, spending money on this? As an income tax and local council tax payer do I really need or indeed want to know all this? I mean who really and I mean really needs or wants to know all this information? What’s it for and what’s the point of it? What an utter waste of money, time and policing resource to produce an utterly meaningless report that only a fire chasing “com..pensay..shun” lawyer or Central government evangelically motivated anally retentive diversity outreach coordinating gender awareness clipboard wielding interfering self styled do-gooder would get their rocks off to…..

All I’m interested in from you my local Police are the following:

1) I have no desire what so ever to inquire after the sexuality of your officers, nor do I care what colour they are, they could be eunuchs with skin that’s pink with green polka dots as far as I’m concerned just as long as they are properly trained, competent and do their jobs they’re paid to do.

2) There are enough of them to deter crime by local patrolling. Q? Does this happen? I can’t remember the last time I saw a local copper (of any colour or sex) walking the streets where I live! Can you tell me when this last happened?

3) There are enough officers to respond to crime immediately when it occurs, just ask anyone whose been a victim of what Police now call low grade crime (burglary, criminal damage, disturbing the peace etc) I’d bet my home, that a plumber, on suffering a burst pipe would come round quicker than a Police officer would if I were say burgled!

4) But….if racial or homophobic undertones are even implied you get armed response units and helicopters just to show the “diversity” coordinators that they are taking race and gender issues seriously. C’mon….!

Mr. Chief Constable, spend our hard earned money on doing the actual job and spare us this tripe…….puh..leese….

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