Friday, 23 October 2009

How to win the war on Terror

This culture of fear that Western Governments build to frighten us into surrendering our liberties got me thinking about how we can win the so called war on terror!

If the Governments of Western so called democracies are genuinely concerned to combat terrorism, here is a simple, wholly reliable method. Stop giving in to it!

Contrary to what it may think Western foreign policy has hugely encouraged terrorism though its Middle East diplomacy, which has rewarded the PLO's and other State sponsored terrorist organisations murder campaigns with recognition and the acceptance of the (hopeless, and unworkable) 'two-state solution'. Fundamentalist Islam will never accept the existence of Israel or even tolerate Judaism, and they will never be satisfied until Israel and the Jewish people cease to exist. They can't be reasoned with, they can't be bargained with, and they absolutely will not stop until Israel is dead! Give them a finger and they'll take an arm...and so on until there's nothing left to devour. And you'll never rid the world of fundamentalist Islam either!

It's so blatantly obvious to everyone but politicians yet they persist and Anthony Blair's latest crusade in the Middle East in trying to Deliver All Faiths Together (D.A.F.T.) is doomed to failure before it even started but hey he pockets a fat pay-cheque and gets to jetset and stay in obscene opulence. That's the reward for presiding over 10 years of failure.....But I digress.....

With all the oil wealth there is within the Arab world the so called Palestinian poverty and deprivation that is pitiful to witness could be solved instantly, Shame on the Arab world for letting it continue...but it suits the Arab world to have the Palestinians suffer in their existing plight as it provides a focal point against Israel.

Bill Clinton and George W.Bush, have also rewarded IRA murder by cajoling Britain to surrender to the IRA, and entertaining the IRA apologist Gerry Adams in the White House, on every St Patrick's Day for a decade.

There's another thing these gutless politicians can do. Stop flying into a headless, bed-wetting panic every time there is a terror attack. Can't they see that this is exactly what the terrorists wish them to do? Terrorists long for over-reaction, publicity, silly new laws, absurd stable-door restrictions on normal life, shuffling shoeless, beltless queues at airports, barbed wire on the Bombay waterfront and outside our historic buildings and irksome searches at every street corner. Even the main postal sorting office in Darlington now has steel security fencing, barbed railings and traffic barriers, and only four parking spaces now to service a population of 200,000 plus...and against what? The postal Taliban hijacking Christmas cards! All these things are monuments to their success in, yes, terrorising us.

The terrorist godfathers delight to see them. Yet all the terrorist organisations in the world lag far behind bad reckless or drunk and drugged drivers in inflicting casualties on innocent civilians in advanced Western countries.

By exaggerating terrorist outrages, they make the terrorists so, so happy.
Yes, the attacks on 11th September 2001 and 7th July 2005 were disgusting atrocities, and my empathy and compassion for those who lost loved ones is deep and genuine, I've lost friends I loved to terrorism too, but these attacks did not render the USA and the UK militarily or economically or politically prostrate, nor did they overwhelm our outstanding rescue services or destroy our strategic communications, power systems or basic infrastructure. So why do Politicians act as if they did?

We in the UK and the people of Northern Ireland stoically lived with IRA terrorism for 30 years before Anthony Blair gutlessly surrendered to them in
1997 but life went on...people shopped, went to work, raised families, visited friends and lived life........I served there and a warmer more hospitable community of people in the world on both sides of the divide you could not find and contrary to what many believe the IRA was no longer a force with anything to offer the majority of people of Northern Ireland when Nu Labour came to power, as a force it was spent. Gerry Adams and his crew successfully duped the vacuous Anthony Blair with the "promise of peace"

I could go on about the futility of Afghanistan and Iraq but "Jack, a Soldiers Story" on BBC1 last night, said it all and if you didn't see it you should, in fact watch it then write to your MP in their ivory towers and ask them if they watched it and if not why not, and ask when will they? And be sure to ask "why are we destroying and wasting lives on such futility?" but don't forget to say "spare me the same old tiresome platitudes about establishing democracy and building a better future for the people of Afghanistan"........they don't want it nor do they want us there!

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