Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What Raoul Moat has taught us.....

Raoul Moat is gone; shot to death.

He died face-down in a field surrounded by countless armed police. It’s not yet clear whether he was killed by his own weapon in an act of suicide or by the projectile from a Tazer rifle that caused an involuntary triggering of his shotgun.

Some may utter “who cares”

But we should care because increasing numbers of people are meeting the Grim Reaper in increasing regularity at the hands of armed Police.

All a direct consequence of the breakdown of a criminal justice system that protects the criminal above the law abiding and defends the “human rights” of the wrong doer over those of the victim.

But Moat’s story, of his crime laden life, joke sentencing and early release, the pathetic manhunt and his sordid death does clearly illustrate the futility of our Nanny-knows best State.

During the hunt for Raoul Moat, the police cordoned an area of some 12 square miles. The best advice and only succor that the Police could give to the residents of Rothbury and the surrounding area was “lock your doors and hide”.


We have never seen a more effective demonstration of the way in which the British people have been disempowered by successive Governments. The safety of those people within the cordon was wholly dependent upon the police; and a healthy dose of luck. And luck played a big part, because “luckily” Moat had no interest in killing randomly, unlike one Derek Bird did across the Pennines.

We know that, during the manhunt, he broke into the homes of the public and was seen walking in the streets of the village. Had he wished, he could have taken lives at random and on a whim.

He chose not to.

The people of Rothbury got lucky. Moat was not a totally deranged man. He carefully chose all of his victims.

So the pertinent question is?

When Raoul Moat was roaming the North East dealing drugs and smashing people's windows, with his wild weapon dogs straining and slobbering on the end of their ropes, do you think his neighbours could have got our Police and the criminal justice system to help them against him?

errrrr….alas no….not a copper in sight!

The system was too busy, or too feeble.

But once the police had ignored a warning from Durham Prison that a dangerous man was loose, please note; a convicted child-beater whose offspring he liked to thump so hard that their teachers spotted the bruises. And note this fact also for this is the only reason Moat was in prison at all, harming a child. He could have frightened and intimidated adults all his criminal life and nothing would have happened.

So on release he became a self-proclaimed bloody murderer and maimed his victims who survived.

And suddenly what do we find?

Helicopters all over the sky. RAF jets are scrambled with specialist infrared seeking technology. Armoured cars are requisitioned from Ulster. On go the para-military outfits.

A miniature Werhmacht turns out to have been waiting in reserve, ready to fan out across Northumberland in coal-scuttle helmets and draped in enough weaponry to take on the Taliban in Helmund province.

So that's why they were not to be seen when Moat was on his crime spree life intimidating his community, they were too busy, I suppose. On manoeuvres or sitting in police stations doing pointless other things.

A Police force service indeed.

It seems to me that we have had a very bad bargain foisted on us with the State. We have relinquished our right to effective self-defence. We have been sold a ‘pup’ by successive Governments. It’s not a very good deal either, but it goes like this,

“Guns are dangerous. You are unfit to own them, even for your own defence. But, you need not worry, for the Police Force Service shall take responsibility for your safety.”

Nay it will go one better and take the monopoly on force in our society and stamp on anyone’s neck who so much as lifts a finger to defend themselves.

The Moat debacle has revealed the lie. The State and especially the Police are incapable of protecting the individual.

The hunt for this man involved 600-odd armed police, dogs, helicopters, armoured cars and even fast jets. Yet, he evaded capture for 8 days…one man, with a double-barreled shotgun, a tent and some basic fieldcraft. He “tied-up” one tenth of the UK’s armed police and brought a community to a fearful standstill.

Imagine what ten such men could do. Or a hundred, or even a thousand such people, well equipped with automatic weapons, organised and motivated.

And the police’ own estimates reveal that there are some 4 million illegally-held guns in the UK. That’s despite all the banning and the legislation to enforce it, all the amnesties and the confiscations.


The bad guys are well armed. And will always be so.

The responsible law abiding citizen has to cower in their homes and rely on a feeble Police service.

There are just less than one tenth of the police on duty on the streets at any given time to protect members of the public. How can we be so naive as to expect that they will be responsible for our personal safety?

Firearms legislation in the UK is an ill-conceived joke, but it is the supreme exemplar of Orwellian double-speak. Because the real message from Government is this …

“your personal safety is predicated upon your being defenceless.”

“And we the State will enforce our monopoly on force by prosecuting anyone who seeks to defend themselves.”


That’s where we are at in 2010. We are a nation of adults, none of whom has the right to effective defence of their self, their family, their neighbours or property.

And, if that makes perfect sense to you, then pat yourself on the back; because you truly are a “Progressive”.


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