Thursday, 22 July 2010

No case to answer!!!!!

I once held the Police FORCE Service in immense respect, I remember well the village ‘bobby’ in Wingate who kicked my arse on occasion for riding my bike without lights after dark, or who came to school to give talks on a range of issues. I once held genuine respect for the Police (a job I knew I could never have the vocation to do) and once held genuine respect for authority and respect for the rule of Law.

Now read this…..

And watch this…….

So yet again, or quelle surprise, the police officer responsible will face no charges after violently assaulting a law abiding member of the public, lawfully going about his peaceful business, an assault that many believe ultimately led to his premature death.

We may never know if Ian Tomlinson would have had his heart attack then or later with or without the Police assault but one cannot deny (as the Independent Police complaints commission and CPS have done) that a completely un-provoked indefensible violent assault was committed against this man.

Keep up the good work guys for where there was once, ONE Raoul Moat, now there are ten and counting….

Justice has not been done nor has it been seen to be done.

By a strange coincidence, it is also exactly 5 years to the day since a violent incident carried out by a gang of ‘tooled up’ Metropolitan heavies calling themselves "the Police" executed an innocent electrician. No one has been caught, no one has been prosecuted, no further inquiries are ongoing.

17th January 1978 – 22nd July 2005


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