Thursday, 4 March 2010

“A Plague on all their Houses”

They were elected under the shiny smiley façade of Anthony Blair as New Labour and promised to govern as a “New” Labour.

Yet through the hidden secret agenda of Socialism, driven in camera by Gordon Brown they have done exactly what Old Labour has always done: morally and financially bankrupted Great Britain.

Their record of achievements is impressive reading:

They took us to war and have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, and blighted countless others through injury to person and damage to property (British and Iraqi) based on a blatant total lie;

They have embarked on another unwinnable foreign adventure, where the British Army was not once but twice before, and can give no clear concise rationale as to why? And the only legacy of this, being a futile rising death toll of British soldiers.

They have replaced Cabinet government with a politburo;

Smeared any opposition or dissenting voice with gutter “whisperings” and baseless lies;

Diminished democracy;

Marginalised Parliament;

Deliberately taken in three million immigrants to enforce change in our culture;

Saddled us with the longest recession on record and soaring unemployment;

Given us the highest youth unemployment in our history;

Given us the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the ‘developed’ world;

Eroded our historic liberties;

Devalued our historic institutions;

Denied our heritage;

Abolished the right to trial by jury;

Raped our Constitution;

Politicised the Civil Service;

Saddled us, our children and our children’s children with debt of gargantuan proportions;

Politicised the Police;

Relegated our once “respected” and historic armed forces to third world status;

Failed utterly in their duty of care under the military covenant to equip, lead and support our armed forces personnel;

Sold off our gold reserves (wealth) at the bottom of the market;

Stolen our old age comfort by raiding our pensions;

Subjected us to the codified laws of the Lisbon Treaty;

Surrendered our Sovereignty to a foreign power The EU;

Relegated us from 7th to 24th in international math’s and literacy rankings;

Dropped us out of the top ten countries in the world behind even Chile now, in a measure of liberty and freedoms under the Heritage Foundation index;

Dumbed down our education system with meaningless worthless examination standards:

Overwhelmed our NHS in target driven drivel;

Killed our sick and injured citizens by allowing “superbugs” to thrive in hospitals;

Increased pensioner and child poverty;

Increased inequality;

Excused utterly and failed totally to punish criminality;

Presided over ever increasing crime;

Disenfranchised their own core vote, now turning to the extreme politics of the BNP;

Massively increased our tax burden;

Imposed an incredible 3900 new “petty” criminal offences ‘crimnilasing’ the majority law abiding middle class and honest poor;

Created an authoritarian state and thoroughly debased our politics.

And after 13 long, yes very, very long years of extravagant spending, sinister social engineering, welfare expansion, deliberate expansion of non jobs under quangos, uncontrolled immigration, endless fiddling with the electoral system, unparalleled electoral fraud, grotesque insidious state encroachment into private lives and personal affairs, a devalued currency, and imposing a fundamental shift in the relationship between the individual and the state, we have now what must be the most stunningly incompetent government in the history of Britain (and God knows there are quite a few to choose from), AND the most ideologically illiberal, anti-democratic, oppressive and anti-Christian in centuries.

So you’d be right in thinking that the Conservative party would be on target in the polls to deliver a resounding landslide victory?


A year ago, the Conservative Party was on course for a resounding victory. Polls were consistently showing a 10-point plus lead over Labour, and did so for a convincing period of time.

Then it went down to 6.

And last weekend it was 2.

And God knows what it is at the moment.

How can this be?

David Cameron was the bright shiny thing, the new future….once, not unlike Anthony Blair was in 1997.

What is there to prefer in Gordon Brown? What is remotely attractive about voting for another 5 years (YES FIVE YEARS) of Peter Mandelson, Ed Balls and Harpy Hormone?

But what is the alternative?

I won’t even go there with the Lib/Dems.

So one is left having to examine David Cameron’s performance and it is clear that seldom has there been such a concerted effort by a politician to go vote chasing by telling people what he thinks they want to hear. But rarely has such an effort been accompanied by such a dogged refusal to listen to people (local party associations and voters alike) and understand what they really want and what they really think. It is this combination of unappetising qualities, arrogance and failure to deliver on policy that gets treated with contempt by voters – and it is now being translated into falling polling numbers for the Conservatives.

And oh boy are they worried about it, yet still they sit and scratch their heads and wonder why?

The Cameron project has been so focused on ‘decontaminating’ the party it has ignored what matters to the electorate its candidates are standing to represent in Parliament. Cameron is still firmly rooted in 2005 and still possessed by a misguided zeal to change “his” party.

He was completely convinced that what the Conservatives stood for was the problem, so he set about dismantling and abandoning the core principles of conservatism and focused his efforts of aligning policies closer to those of the party’s opponents New Labour, in the hope of capturing the “middle ground” and the “floating” voters. And he is still following that strategy today!

One senior Tory is reputed to have said. “We are up against a useless prime minister who everyone loathes, including his own cabinet, and yet he is back in serious contention. That really takes some doing.”

Indeed it does. And the reason for it is simple. The Boy who would be Kings’ transformation of the Conservative Party has seen him discard policies that made it a viable alternative to Labour. The Conservative Party under Cameron has ceased to be conservative. In fact I’d go as far as saying they are A.B.C. ANYTHING BUT CONSERVATIVE! The electorate is not stupid either and has arrived at the conclusion that Labour has failed them and has gone in search of an alternative, but they have realised that “Call me Dave” is not offering one. They now see that the boy has turned the Conservative Party into almost a clone like copy of Labour, complete with its shiny smiling ‘airbrushed’ figure head in an attempt to win votes and therefore all that’s on offer is ‘same old same old’, just with a different face!

People ask themselves, where is the change, where is the major difference? There is no grand sweeping idea for voters to grasp hold of because the ideological differences between the parties have been eroded. Adversarial politics the guardian of true democracy has given way to consensus politics, which does not provide for alternatives. Politics in Britain have become a one way street with no exits.

The political battleground has moved from major ideological differences to nuance, and from competence to a beauty parade. This coming election will be about personality not policy, for there is practically no difference in policy now between the three main parties for they are indistinguishable in anything other than minor insignificant details.

The forthcoming party leader’s debate is a total joke; it took 3 months for each party’s representatives to hammer out a 100 page rule book on how the programmes will be structured and controlled, in the USA they have a four page set of rules for such debates; if ever there was evidence needed of consensus politics in action this is it. It is being stage managed, directed, choreographed and controlled down to the last second with a hand picked audience to boot! I am left wondering though who chooses the topics for debate, the media, the electorate. No for this was agreed by “consensus” between the parties yet again.

I bet there will be nothing asked on;

Unfettered and deliberate Immigration;

Regulation of the Banks;

The Discredited Global Warming Scam;

The MP expenses and allowances scandal;

Failure to address our impending Energy crisis:

Prolific Government Spending and borrowing and near bankruptcy of UK Plc

Our "promised" vote under a referendum on The Lisbon Treaty;

And the icing on the cake, the added joy of joys for me personally of Gordon Brown sharing his “vision” with us whilst not being allowed to be interrupted!

How exactly will this circus address what the electorate want. Or what the electorate think are the important issues of the day?

However the ‘boy’ Cameron will get a chance to show us he has little if nothing at all to offer that is different.

For he has hollowed out the Conservative party and it now has no worthwhile message for a country in a mood for significant and lasting change. The Conservatives disconnection from the electorate is stupefyingly arrogant and totally staggering in its scale. The only goal of the "Notting Hill Set" is to be elected, to enjoy the trappings of and privileges of power, that’s all they stand for and that’s why the polling numbers are on the wane. The frustration among grassroots Conservatives is palpable, but the election is too close for them to criticise the "dear leader". The party faithful are conservative but suffers sadly from a leadership that isn’t.

Perhaps the real irony today is that as reports put the Tory lead at only 2%, Cameron is increasingly recognised as only 2% Tory.

Cameron’s shameful surrender to the EU and his dissembling disingenuous remarks of  I could do nothing "once Lisbon was ratified” which were blatant semantics, and his abject failure regarding a “cast iron” guarantee of a referendum on Lisbon were the seminal moment he revealed his true colours and his support began to ebb away.

For if he hadn’t surrendered our sovereignty in so shameful a manner he’d be 20 points ahead now in the polls and talking with Sam about the colour of the curtains they would be hanging in Number 10.

I hate New Labour, I hate what it stands for and I hate what it has inflicted upon this once Great Britain. But Camerons Conservatives are offering nothing that’s distinct or different from the left of centre ground consensus view.

What these polls also demonstrate is that party politics does not serve the interests of the electorate. Instead of furthering democracy, party politics is slowly strangling it. The only three parties with any chance of taking power are indistinguishable from each other on the major policy issues, indeed they have colluded on care for the elderly – and most shameful of all, they all of them want ultimate sovereign power to reside with the European Union. This does not benefit the electorate or Britain. But listening to and improving the lot of ordinary voters is not the aim of the party machines. For them the only thing that matters is the game, the winning or losing, the trappings, the allowances and the perks of office, the war of soundbites and who can elicit the biggest laugh when point scoring in the House of Commons.

Where is the substance, the critique of policy, the holding to account for failure, the tangible feel for the changes that are so desperately needed and wanted?

Alas, when this is the way of things and the needs and wishes of the electorate and country are ignored, does it really make any difference who occupies No 10 Downing Street? Whether it’s Brown, Cameron or even Clegg, the only changes that will be made are cosmetic. The best hope for Britain within the party political sham is if a genuine conservative wrests control from Cameron and offers a truly conservative alternative. But I cannot see that happening, unless Cameron loses the election, and until he does lose and a true conservative replaces him I say;

“A Plague on all their houses”


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