Monday, 1 March 2010

Global Warming claims its first victims

Well the doomsayer warmists were right……Global Warming does kill but not in the way you might think.

This is tragic reading, to learn that a couple take their own lives and that of their two year old child and but for chance, that of their seven month old baby (who lay wounded for three days). All because of the “fear” mongering fostered by the Global Warming lobby.

Their suicide note was unequivocal.

One can only speculate what propaganda was fed to them to heighten their “fears” to such an extent that murder and suicide were perceived as the only options available?

Meanwhile back home DEFRA. The Department for the ERADICATION of Farming and Rural Affairs continue to waste our money on “fear” mongering promotions in poster and TV campaigns in attempts to heighten and maintain the “fear” so one wonders if or when the same may occur here?

Thankfully the warmist religion has been exposed now for the charlatan sham it is, the East Anglia CRU leak was the trickle that burst the dam. And now with the exposure of the lies and deceit (again to foster a culture of “fear”) of the IPCC being uncovered on “Africagate” “Amazongate” and “Glaciergate” and Pachauri and Al Gore being more and more exposed as the self enriching shamans of the faith, ordinary people are starting to question the politics hence the life changing actions being forced on us from the EU and others, all being driven by this fear mongering.

And while the Met office (paid for by taxpayers) who predicted the “end of snow” this winter and the “barbecue summer” were still yet to enjoy, still try to convince us that the faith holds true (note the data only goes up to 2004!) our elderly shiver and die in the most shameful acts of neglect by this Government who think nothing of spending £60 Millions of our money on carbon credits to “offset” against energy use in keeping civil servants in well lit warm offices but do nothing about the ensuring adequate pension income and controlling overpriced heating for our elderly.

Sadly the creed of Global Warming will continue to claim yet more victims.


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