Thursday, 28 January 2010


No, not a weapon of mass destruction, but a WEAPON of MASS DECEPTION. A desperate attempt to continue obfuscating the facts and hiding the truth, by a member of the inner circle of the panic-stricken dissemblers and spin doctors who see their house of cards collapsing about their ears. That is the most restrained comment devoid of expletives I can offer in response to Vicky Pope’s work of fiction in The Times today.

Who is Vicky Pope you cry? The Head of Climate Change Advice at the increasingly discredited Met Office that’s who. It was all too clear what was coming when she started her fantasy piece with a classic understatement:

“For Britain’s climate science community, the past few months have come as a profound shock.”

Not half pet....

Never in their wildest dreams did the warmists think their lazy or non existent scientific methods, deliberate actions to withhold data from educated people who would see through it and, personal biases and beliefs being presented as evidence, would ever come under the kind of scrutiny they considered themselves to be immune from. The complicity of lazy, unquestioning journalists in the MSM, (with a few notable exceptions of course) desperate to be fed dramatic copy and the unscrupulous power hungry environmental groups and charities was thought to be sufficient to perpetuate their unsubstantiated claims and terrify people into thinking their actions were changing the climate, and worse still that we possessed the arrogance to alter natures power, and all with terrible consequences and that poor Fido would drown in melting glaciers and we’d all fry as temperatures rose, further reinforced by the fear mongering acolytes at DEFRA (the Department for the ERADICATION of farming and rural affairs) with their scary Co2 is a pollutant/poison bedtime story and other short films.

But even though the shroud has been pulled aside, the torch of truth has shone into the dark corners and the ‘evidence’ discredited and the naked political agenda of the climate warmists exposed, yet the delusional nature of people like Vicky Pope remains on open display with articles such as hers. The lies creep across the vista in a shameless exercise of self pity combined with misplaced vindication. Clearly Pope and her comrades-in-deceit have told the lies so often, they really do believe them, they actually do believe.

So they cannot understand why people laugh or react with incredulity, why people question or are sceptical. It really is a state of mind isn’t it? The only thing truly scientific about this whole AGW scam is the implications for psychology of their continuing inability to accept what the facts now show.

More recently however we have had a series of reports suggesting that “key” sections of assessments of climate change science by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were in error.

Error is a mild understatement charitable in the extreme and its not suggestions mind you, its actual evidence, but they stick their fingers in their ears shouting “lalala can’t hear you”. It seems evidence is a concept entirely alien to Pope and her fellow travelers.

For these climate scientists, climate research was based on powerful computer models programmed by those self same climate scientists (not computer scientists) backed by a wealth of real-world evidence. Well we all know how accurate those computers can be predicting “barbecue summers” and “mildest winters” now don’t we?

That is, the real-world evidence that was allowed to remain after they’d discounted everything that was collected and found not to provide the desired outcome. From the temperature records of surface stations, to the tree cores of the Yamal peninsula whose tale was discarded, to be finally based on a single tree ring record from a single tree! The ‘real-world evidence’ was distorted and contrived fraud. But still she goes on, desperate to hook any reader who might have not seen the myths perpetuated by her and her friends completely shot down and utterly destroyed.

The more substantive “regrettable error” as stated by Paucheri in the IPCC report that Himalayan glaciers were melting so fast that they would vanish by 2035 has been dealt with swiftly and clearly by the IPCC she claims. errrr....not really

You know, perhaps it’s true that there is runaway global warming and that everything Pope and her friends have claimed and projected is accurate. Perhaps the problem is that this is all taking place in the parallel planet they inhabit, which maybe explains why we don’t see it here in the “real world”. Anyone who can suggest the IPCC dispensed with the Himalayan glacier farce ’swiftly and clearly’ is in need of therapy, just read this. Pope’s claim flies in the face of the established facts of the matter. How are we to have confidence in anyone who is willing to lie so effortlessly?

“The big difference then, is not in the physics of climate change but the public’s perception of what climate research is all about.

That means it is a communications problem and the blame for that has to lie at least in part with the scientists and in part with the way that science is reported.”

It didn’t take long for the old ‘communication problem’ chestnut to surface did it? This is the polite way of Pope saying ‘we’ve given you our truth you must believe, but you’re too stupid to accept it’. It’s nothing to do with the reporting. In fact for too many years, Pope and her ilk have had carte blanche to put any old rubbish in the press, reporting theory as fact and ideas as forgone conclusions. Now the truth is out it has started to undermine the cosy little consensus and expose the vacuous and unscientific nature of what we have been told for so long, the problem suddenly becomes a 'communication one'.

If there is a communication problem it’s the determined refusal of the small cabal of climate scientists, who form the foundation for the myth, to tell the truth. This is the reason why the climate change consensus is falling apart. This is why public confidence in the “consensus” is plummeting. This is why Vicky Pope has been reduced to nothing more than a joke to be rolled out as an anecdote at dinner parties, like an exhibit at a Victorian era freak show.

Yet still the Politicians cling to the faith, So as “Worr” Broon pledges £1.5Billion of our money we can ill afford into EU coffers to support the myth and “Call me Dave” sends his presumably more, well read and increasingly sceptical colleagues on re-education courses to keep the lie alive all because he says so, I have to ask is there any hope?

Well the genie is out of the bottle now and compounding the lies in the way Pope has done in this article nor despite the best efforts of deluded politicians to convince us otherwise, will do nothing to put it back in.

So just as Anthony Blair and his “sofa” cabinet lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction to get his war against Saddam and further his own personal, political and financial aims, Vicky Pope and her ilk created their own Weapon of Mass Deception to promote their own personal, political and financial agenda too.

Makes you think………..some things just never change……….


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