Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mission Creep.....

I know I said Britain was no longer free, but this really does prove I was right. Working on my previous blog reminded me of an article I'd filed away from October last year and well I've said it before and I'll say it again.....just what sort of "Police State" are we living in today?

This piece in The Guardian from October last year is a must read for all who think were living in the "Land of the Free" I meant to deal with it back then but got sidetracked on the EU and Lisbon and other issues and decided to resurrect it in light of Britain's fall from the top ten free countries according to The Heritage Foundation.

There is a singular truth in this world:

Give The STATE power with no checks and balances of Statutory Accountability and it will mission creep this to the edge of the envelope and beyond.

What I find of particular distaste, nay nauseating and no, its not the cost although £9 Millions is a lot of money in the cash strapped Britain of today, NO it is the fact that domestic extremism (a phrase coined by the Police themselves) has no legal or statutory basis in British Law yet the Police under the auspices of the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU), (who the hell thought that one up! ~ Association of Chief Police Officers that's who, an unaccountable body, yet funded by public money, that directs and influences Police strategy and policy) think they have the powers to mission creep and collect data on those of us who happen to peacefully protest at the injustices in the Britain of today.

So as the FIT (Forward Intelligence Teams) of the Police gather more and more information on us, photo's, movements using automatic number plate recognition, and cross reference this data and data-base it for easy retrieval to harass and stop "a man 25 times in three years with no criminal record who happened to attend a small protest against a duck and pheasant shoot"

One has to ask; where will this lead?

The increasing and secret widespread surveillance of whole organisations and individuals who are a legitimate part of the democratic process is a terrifying portent of what the Britain of tomorrow is becoming.

And yet again we are told and I quote Anton Setchell (the man in charge of the ACPO remit on Domestic Extremism) people who find themselves on databases "should not worry at all" and that the information collected is harmless, tell you what Anton if its that's innocuous delete the database then.

Mission Creep.......Creepy afraid be very afraid........


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