Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sand in the gears

It is election year and don’t we know it, most of us are filled with an intense sense of pointless boredom perhaps except the die hard party apparatchiks. “Call me Dave” spouts that austerity is the way forward for “progressive conservatism” and Mr. Brown thus declares; Nu-Labour is the party of “opportunity” and they will usher in an Age of Aspiration! Mind you that’s after “only” 12 years in office. If by aspirational; he refers to the aspirations of socialists to centralise, control, distort, burden, and hinder, then he has total credibility.

Austerity and opportunity are not mutually exclusive. The principles of strict economy are sound, which although forgotten or unknown in Number 10, drive growth and create opportunity. Saving is fundamental to economic growth. The process of investment in capital requires prior saving. By relinquishing immediate consumption of capital below its potential level one may engage in capital formation by saving then investing in the future.

Economics 101.

Brown’s disregard for strict economy is made evident by the horrendous state of the public finances due to terribly excessive spending in times of growth. There is nothing complicated about living within ones means, about balancing the budget. However, when Labour entered office in 1997 the budget was in balance, well actually we had a surplus but by the Treasury’s own forecast by 2011 we will be over £1 trillion in debt (and we know how accurately underestimated all the previous statements have been on that score) and this doesn’t include our obligations off the balance sheet, with Private Finance Initiative (PFI) being cleverly hidden by Brown for a decade.

With business stifled, interest rates possibly set to rise, inflation rising, our credit rating at risk, and huge amounts of debt that you and I and our children and grandchildren will have to repay, Brown’s record for burdening the future is perhaps without comparison, unprecedented in fact. Whatever set of growth statistics you use, Darling’s fiscal beer goggles or reality ones, common sense and historic data shows that you simply cannot spend your way out of recession, and you cannot borrow your way out of debt. Brown’s economic illiteracy is almost suicidal and simply depressing - No sustained recovery can be achieved without focusing on debt reduction.

If Brown had been the chief exec of a major corporation and led it to such a state as UK Plc is in, he wouldn’t have a job, and in fact he’d be facing charges of criminal and willful neglect. Never has UK plc's stock price been so low.

The aspirational people, the wealth generators, who achieve overall success and generate the most wealth will be penalised with in excess of 82% of their income taken by the government in direct and indirect taxation. And guess where these people with wealth will be spending their time (and money) from now on, not the sunny socialist paradise of Nu-Britain under Labour. They’ll up-sticks, many already have and go where the sun shines in a less grasping manner. Regulation costs (under the conservative {small c}) estimates work out to over £100 billion. For those still in education, who aspire to success, rather than having an education based on their own choices and needs, it is centralised and focused on delivering government targets. Strangely as is health, policing and every other State function. Reminiscent of Stalinist 5 year production plans one could surmise.

As Adam Smith once said, “there is a lot of ruin in the nation”.

We need a competent and genuine strategy in Number 10 which tackles debt and empowers local people, sadly none of the major parties fills any of us with hope about the future, their visions of it simply don’t match the reality we all face day to day, hence our intense boredom, bordering on anger with the whole electioneering process.

"We don’t care anymore" LabLibCon coalition “your not listening” we cry. If any of the careerists in the Westminster village bothered to “listen” they’d know that we all know what they don’t seem to want to hear, namely make the cuts, be harsh and unforgiving about them and get the debt down, slash and burn the quango’s, the non-jobs and the waste, and it will only happen if local people are empowered locally to deliver it.

But centralised power is too entrenched, tight control and micro management are the hallmarks of Government now, enforced with the tactics of State bullying of honest law abiding citizens with the most minor of transgressions from marginally exceeding the speed limit to persecuting householders for putting bin bags out a day early, while neglecting to punish real criminals who threaten violence on entering homes while locking up the homeowner who defends his family and hard earned wealth by meting out his own sense of “justice”, and guess what? Politicians of any of the LabLibCon coalition will never relinquish this because they know that when they do they will become obsolete.

They (modern socialist, liberal elitist and careerist Politicians) are the sand in the gears of common sense and locally empowered Government – and they intend to be.


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