Thursday, 3 December 2009

The End is Near

Does anyone remember "Tomorrows World" and the weirdly odd almost surreal predictions they would illustrate on their shows to give us a glimpse into the gadgets and gizmos of tomorrow that would change our future?

Well it may surprise you to know they were not the only ones predicting what the world would be like 30 years or so from then. I Hate the Media has a great article on the predictions the “greenies” were making way back in 1970……… isn’t it just amazing were still here almost 40 years later!

Politicians or anyone with a political agenda (e.g. warmists) actually are a unique group within our species for they never learn from history, each new generation of these so called “intellectuals” has to re-learn the same truths over and over again.

And they call us "deniers" and "sceptics" ................quite a compliment really when you think about it.


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