Friday, 20 November 2009

The Non-Entity’s EU Cup final: Result: Commission 2 Council 0

The selection process that has consumed the press recently on the “choice” note not election of the EU President and Foreign Affairs Minister of the new EU Empire has been portrayed as a test of wills between the member state leaders known as the council (you know the heads of state of each of the 27 member states) but what is not fully appreciated by the mainstream media is that there is another player in the game – the EU commission – which has an utterly vital stake in the outcome.

Regular readers of my blog (and rants) will have come to understand that it is “The Commission” who has effectively driven the EU Empire to ratification of Lisbon, it is the Commission that appoints the un-elected un-accountable commissioners who issue the nonsensical diktats, rules and regulations that our bloated quangos, clipboard armed bureaucrats and power crazed council officials enforce with such zeal.

Historians Critics of the EU (yes we need to get a life) will know that the original structure of the (then) EEC did not include the European Council in its institutional structure, the intention being that the supreme body would be The Commission.

When the European Council was set up in 1973, the architect of most of what has come to pass Jean Monnet (1888-1979) intended it as a "provisional government", initially to provide the broad direction of European policy, until the commission was strong enough to stand on its own feet by the slow insidious promotion and entrenchment of the “institutions” of the EU.

With the ratification of Lisbon and its self ratcheting effect of giving itself more and more powers, we are as close as we can get to the imposition of a totalitarian government as we can get; don’t believe me? Then watch the diktats, erosion of liberty and the punishments for non-compliance grow.

However, in the way of things, the "provisional" has become permanent, and with the absorption of the European Council into the formal institutional structure of the EU, the "colleagues" (Council of heads of state) have inadvertently created their own rival power base, challenging the supremacy of the commission.

Oh Dear....!

It is very much in that context that the candidacy of Herman Van Rompuy must be seen. As a Belgian politician, from a country which is traditionally one of the strongest supporters of the commission, he would be seen as a "safe pair of hands", who would not dream of challenging the commission hegemony, and would work to keep the lid very much on the European Council, restraining its ambitions to become the lead institution in directing policy.

Behind the scenes, therefore, there is a vicious institutional battle being fought out. But this is not about the name of the candidate, “Oh perish the thought for poor lil ole" Anthony Blair. Rather, it is a fight to the death as to whether the commission or the council will come out on top, the result of which will determine the political shape and policy direction of the EU for perhaps generations to come.

So to take a football analogy there's no other way of looking at the result announced tonight other than that the Commission has pulled a hand ball Thierry selecting Dick Van Dyke and the Baroness Completely Ashen. Ergo the two posts of European Council president and "foreign minister" have been successfully neutralised by the commission and its allies within.

2-0 is the score at full time.

The appointments are almost a joke – except that they are not. The candidates admirably fulfill the essential (commission determined) qualifications for the job.

They are both nonentities, they have personalities as close to those of a discarded cod as it is possible to be, and still be breathing (and in the case of Her Ladyship, looks to match), they have absolutely no qualifications for the jobs and neither were elected for their erstwhile offices.

We should note, however, that the Baroness was voted politician of the year in 2006 by the homosexual lobby group Stonewall – which is about as near as she has come to being elected for any public office. I predict she will do well within the new EU Empire.

Mssr. Jean Monnet can now rest peacefully in his grave. The football of hegemony and direction of the commission is in safe hands……THEIR OWN.

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