Saturday, 24 October 2009

Here come the Stormtroopers

For the first time EVER British Police Officers will conduct permanent patrols through the streets of mainland Britain armed with fully automatic submachine guns (see link). This measure is supposed to help in areas where gang violence levels are on the rise, but does it really take submachine gun wielding cops to lower crime? I’d argue a more robust criminal justice system where wrongdoers are sternly punished re-forcing the moral message “crime does not pay” would be a far more effective deterrent. (See Death Penalty in archive)

How much more does it take for us to finally realise that the government through its continued promotion of a culture of fear is taking control of our lives? And how long will it be before the police institute a curfew in those areas, or police patrols like these become a regular occurrence in all of London or even other parts of the UK? This should not be tolerated. It is severely damaging to the already few frail social freedoms that we Britons have left.

These patrols are supposed to be a means of reducing gang violence and illegal gun sales, and according to the police are “intended to be a reassuring presence for residents”. Well, I can think of very few things more intimidating than seeing paramilitary uniformed police walking down the street with military grade submachine guns. It’s the sort of thing one used to see in banana republics not on the streets of mainland Britain and I want none of it.

I personally feel that individuals should have the “right to bear arms”, as we once did but the knee jerk reactions to impose legislative control of guns after Hungerford and Dunblane have done nothing to curb the rise in gun and other violent crime, the reverse is true, violent crime just keeps on rising and it’s the morally weak Politicians who are responsible, failing in their duty to punish crime.

The result is that responsibility is being increasingly handed over to an unofficially armed police force, which shoots people without trial, appeal or the possibility of reprieve, and often gets it wrong.

Watch the numbers grow.

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  1. Re: Here Come The Stormtroopers:-

    I agree.....As a former serving police officer, I have always opposed the suggestion of arming our Police. The knock on effect of this will be a 'cranking up a gear' in the levels of violent crime. This will spiral outward from the inner cities and will, within a decade become the 'norm'.

    Before I joined the Police, I was a civilian clerk in Firearms Legislation, pre and post Hungerford. Prior to Michael Ryan having his day of rampage, the regulations regarding the possession of shotguns (barrel over 24 inches) was practically non existant. The certificate to 'allow' possession was a square card bearing the applicants name and address with the issuing Forces stamp. There was no mention of make or serial numbers of weapons owned, nor a limit on ammunition. There were no guidelines for security of could actually keep it in your coat cupboard or wardrobe if you so chose.

    Section 1 Firearms were more regulated. Possession of handguns were still permitted if you were a full member of a Home Office approved gun club. Hungerford brought tighter control over all section 1 and 2 weapons but this only penalised the law abiding population. I doubt the hierarchy of inner city gangs were worried that they may not fit the criteria necessary for the issue of a Firearms Certificate. So the question to be asked is......did the amendment to the Firearms Act 1968 which was brought into effect after the Hungerford Massacre, actually make any difference to the criminal fraternity......................not one jot!!!!