Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I'd vote for that

There will come a day of reckoning (I hope) between the Police Force "Service" that has been allowed to do whatever New Labour told it to do (including hiring vertically challenged individuals as the pic shows) and the People of Britain which would like it to do what it was created for, protect and preserve the Queens peace.

As we all know the ACPO is a private company (but Government taxpayer funded and totally unaccountable) consisting of chief Police Officers who "advise" the Government on policy and in effect, run the Police "service" to enable a "hands off" approach to policing by the Government.

It hasn't worked.

Crime real and perceived is at appalling levels whilst the Police chase the targets that enable the ACPO to get rich on bonuses (funded by us) and allow Politicians to dismiss our concerns and claim our perception and victim experiences of crime is wrong or even irrelevant by the likes of Ken Clarke, meanwhile proposing to release yet more of the small numbers who make life misery for the law abiding majority.

Swathes of our inner cities and sink estates of our towns are no go areas as the politically correct "advisers" stay away from the real controversial problems and hit and bully the predictable soft easy middle class and honest poor again and again.

So instead of policing and rounding up known criminals, we have the highest number of CCTV cameras of anywhere in the world. Instead of focusing on the 100,000 or so prolific habitual criminals (that’s just 0.16% of our overall population) that cause most of the crime in this country, we have pointless knife and gun amnesties and small policemen.

The result of course is a Police Force Service that does anything but serve us. It is built and functions only to serve Politicians and the ACPO, it has become a servant of the State instead of staying true to its founding principle of being a servant of the Law.

We watch as each and every day, OUR Police force service becomes less accountable to us the people who agree to be policed and pay for it and more accountable to demented isolated politicians and police chiefs anxious to develop social experiments or control dissent for failed policies.

We NEED elected Police chiefs.

For example I’m pretty sure Brixton residents would vote for a Police Chief that promised drastic measures to reduce crime in Brixton lets say. It's the residents after all that have to live with crime day in, day out who should have a say in how it’s dealt with. But no, our governing elite, living in gated communities driven around in protected armour plated transport declare that is not necessary. What is needed they tell us are more targets but without offending "the local community".

Heaven forbid that we do…..

I say free the people of Brixton (or any other area) from the effects of crime by allowing them to say what Police Force Service they want and how they want it run. They're the ones paying for it anyway so why shouldn’t they be able to elect someone who says they will do what is wanted by the majority of those living there?

Name me one ACPO member who has to live in Brixton? They don't. They all live in thatched rural cottages after retiring at 50 on a full taxpayer funded pension. No decisions taken by them will ever affect them; therefore they can have and do not have any interest in the effect of those decisions that they take.

Only on reaching the targets that pay the bonuses.

Or am I being too cynical?

If you’re worried the people of Brixton might elect say a Lee Jasper or another Bernie Grant as Police chief? Bring it on I say. For they are the ones who will be dealing with the consequences, not you or I. If the gun culture thrives, it'll be their children being shot, not mine and it'll be their fault for not electing someone who didn't want to deal with it. If it's not safe to walk the streets in Brixton because their new Police chief has decided all his officers need to be "diversity and culturally aware" and has sent them to Kingston, Jamaica, so be it.

Likewise, my local Police "service" is pretty much invisible. The one bobby we have to patrol in the village isn’t seen much, unless you need him. I know what he looks like because his picture is up in the local Spar but crime is naturally low where I live, children leave their bikes out on front lawns overnight, and residents leave their car windows open and unlocked on hot sunny days on their drives so I resent seeing CHIMPS (completely hopeless in most policing situations;) PCSO's swaggering about the not mean at all streets of Heighington dishing out parking tickets to the odd driver who parks a wheel on the edge of the village green.

Bugger off and leave us alone.

Anyway if I had a choice I'd vote for pretty much the guy we already have, even though I don’t know who he or she is. It’s my choice after all.

If you want to improve the area you live in, you should be able to vote for whoever is going to Police it, just as you should be able to vote for who will run the schools or collect your bins .

Get the right man or woman for the job and watch it prosper.

Get the wrong one and just see what local people empowered with accountability will do.



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