Friday, 18 June 2010

Famous Last Words......

While Rome burns…….. (The treaty of Rome’s project the European Union that is) with the sovereign debt issue threatening to engulf the Eurozone, spiraling us into double dip recession.

Or worse.

The colleagues get together to have a cosy sausage and egg “love in” and make full use of the “crisis” to further the project……

And our very own Dear Leader (whom no majority wanted) gets down to ‘promising’ his colleagues in the ‘local’ council meeting that Britain will play “a positive, active and engaged role in the European Union”

Indeed we will for our Dear Leader has failed to keep his ‘promise’ to us the little people and shackled us with the terms of the Lisbon Treaty.

Back at the ranch meanwhile George Osborne tells Parliament:

"Our plan is to hand over to the Bank of England responsibility for macro prudential supervision that should never have been taken away from it."

In plain English he went on to say;

"It's clear the Bank needs to have a greater understanding of what's going on in firms."

Equine housing and belated security solutions spring to mind!

Osborne said that Labour's regulatory structure, which shared power between the Treasury, the B of E and the Financial Services Authority, had been a disaster.

Few (in our outside of financial services) would argue with this; fewer still would I guess oppose the return of such powers to the largely independent Bank of England.

The Chancellor also announced the creation of an independent commission which would look into the link between retail and investment banking. The crisis was caused, in part, by the collapse of investment banks, which threatened to bring retail and domestic accounts down with them, ruining the lives of millions of ordinary Britons.

And I would add too much debt……….

But I have a question?

Why is Osborne assigning these new powers, when across the Channel EU legislators are preparing three new regulatory bodies, all of which will have powers far exceeding those of the B of E, and most of which are being created by unelected, unaccountable Eurocrats thoroughly hostile to the City of London's culture and status as one of the most successful financial centres in the world?

What does the EU's internal markets commissioner, Frenchman Michel Barnier, have to say about Osborne's proposals? Barnier do not forget, is under orders from the poisoned jealous dwarf Nicolas Sarkozy to "bring an end to the Anglo-Saxon model."

Wiser voices than mine have urged Osborne to ignore EU legislation affecting financial services.

Much the same way as the French merrily ignore directives on agriculture, national champions and pretty much everything else that they don’t like.

But will George listen?

Will it matter if he does?

For there is little prospect of blocking these measures as they will be decided by qualified majority voting introduced under the Lisbon treaty, which deprived Britain of her veto.

So as we can see the ‘ratchet’ effect of the EU project marches on, in one direction only, imposing yet further ‘harmonisation’ with European law with the proposal to reduce the drink driving limit in Britain, (this is not a British Government proposal) along with our financial services industry under jealous attack and thus we find the colleagues’ using the current crisis to push for more powers over scrutiny on national budgets.

We are heading towards a single European economic policy and a single European government, at terrifying speeds only the enlightened few predicted pre-Lisbon.

But did anyone listen?

And let us not forget that our leaders, pre and post general election 2010 didn't believe we deserved a say in a referendum on closer European union.

Nor will they ever.

This got me thinking about strong national characters that had huge impacts on our British history and their famous last words.

Some of my personal favourites are;

“All my possessions for a moment of time”  Queen Elizabeth I

“Josephine”…………….. Napoleon Bonaparte

“Kiss me Hardy”……….. Horatio Nelson

“I’m bored with it all”…………Winston Churchill

“Et tu Brute"…………… Gaius Julius Caesar

All spoken by people who earned their places on the world stage by having moral and physical courage, political acumen, conviction, personality, character and vision.

All of whom played a role in shaping our country (whether internally or externally)

And then we have this;

"We  I  want to be in Europe but not run by Europe"……… David Cameron, 2010

In the hall of quotes for famous last words it doesn’t quite have the same ring of truth and conviction as uttered by lesser mortals!

Does it now?


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