Sunday, 30 May 2010

The future of Politics…..

The picture on the right is the future of politics in this country, those of us who voted for this Government, wait a minute the majority of us actually did not vote for it did we? This is the future and I want you to know just what sort of life experience these people, who think they “know” better than us, have? What work experience, outside of politics actually qualifies them to rule over us?

For this is the face that is typical of the people who make the decisions that affect and blight all our lives and think they know better than us on how to run this country, UK Plc, when in fact most of them couldn’t probably run a household budget….or even change a tyre.

And most of them, independently wealthy in their own right, are tarnished with the MP’s expenses scandal involving the theft of public money.

But I digress.

With the resignation of David Laws due his spurious expenses claim theft of £40,000 of our money to “hide” his homosexuality and private life of his homosexual lover, we now see “call me Dave” (a multi-millionaire yet no stranger to stealing our money either) describing this thief as “a good and honourable man”. And thus we now see the appointment of yet another apparatchik, the man in the picture Danny Alexander (pictured).

So what sort of “real” life work experience do these people in the cabinet actually have that gives them the right to govern us?

Well let’s see.

David Cameron. PM: director of corporate affairs Carlton Communications. In other words just a PR man.

Nicholas Clegg. Deputy PM: Journalist, policy adviser to EU, speech writer, MEP, lecturer and lobbyist.

William Hague. Foreign Secretary: Management Consultant.

George Osborne. Chancellor: Data entry services input recording the names of people who had died in London for the NHS! Selfridges briefly, then head of political section at Conservative central office.

Ken Clarke. Lord Chancellor, Justice Secretary: Lawyer and QC, but active in politics straight from university.

Theresa May. Home Secretary: Bank of England advisor and then advisor and consultant to Association for Payment Clearing Services!

Dr. Liam Fox, Defence Secretary: GP, and St. Johns Ambulance MO and surgeon

Vincent Cable. Business Secretary: Lecturer, treasury officer, adviser to Labour Party, economist, Commonwealth Secretary-General.

Ian Duncan-Smith. Work and Pensions: Army officer in Scots Guards, General Electric company employee.

Chris Huhne. Energy Secretary: Journalist and Economist.

Andrew Lansley. Health Secretary: Civil Servant in Trade and Industry dept.

Michael Gove. Education Secretary: formerly very active Labour party supporter and Journalist.

Eric Pickles. Local Government Secretary: Consultant, local councilor, committee member of various political organisations.

Philip Hammond. Transport Secretary: Various Directorships in healthcare, house building and property development, manufacturing oil and gas industry.

Caroline Spelman. Environment Secretary: Sugar Beet commodity secretary for NFU, deputy director of international confederation of international beet growers and co-director with her husband of her own company that specialises in food and biotechnology.

Andrew Mitchell. International Development: short service commission in Royal Tank Regiment, finance director, finance controller, audit manager.

Owen Patterson. Northern Ireland Secretary: Sales Director and Managing Director in the leather and tanning industry.

Cheryl Gillan. Welsh Secretary: Marketing consultant and marketing director.

Michael Moore. Scottish Secretary: Chartered Accountant. ironic or what!

Jeremy Hunt. Culture Secretary: Management Consultant, English Language teacher to Japanese, and finally PR.

Lord Strathclyde. Leader of the Lords: Insurance Broker.

Baroness Warsi. Minister without portfolio: Solicitor

And finally; Danny Alexander. The new Chief Secretary of the Treasury: Press officer, director of communications for the European Movement and finally head of communications for the Cairngorms National Park! (A clone of the Dear Leader himself)

This is the man, whose only “real” life work experience is PR, appointed to aid our Chancellor, whose speciality was putting data into a computer, in reigning in our massive public deficit and public debt!

Words fail me………..

Well almost. What is so evident is, bar a couple of the cabinet who have actually had real jobs such as an Army officer, Chartered Accountant, Insurance broker and being a GP, is the total lack of any experience of “real” life. And what I mean is real life private sector experience of having to run a business, be a nurse, a soldier, a police officer, a shop steward, a bin man, a joiner, a plumber, a brickie, a supermarket worker, working as an employee in a small business, even a local councillor representing local peoples interests or any other normal day to day real life work experience, and here lies the problem with the political elite that rule us.

They have no “real” life work experience therefore they can have no understanding of what us “little people” have to deal with day to day, they live in the Westminster bubble, secure behind walls, and security guards, isolated, immune and totally ignorant from the day to day troubles, problems and challenges we all have to overcome.

But what genuinely astounds me is not the total lack of real life experience; it’s the mentality and the attitude that goes with the ineptitude:
For they genuinely believe, much the same way a priest feels a “calling” that they a divine right to govern, to control, to tell us how we should live, while practicing the hypocrisy of claiming “its within the rules” (they set) on how much they can spend of our hard earned money, suckling on the milk and honey of the public purse, the money we have to toil, sweat and in the case of our soldiers bleed for.

Be afraid be very afraid.......

For the futures bleak, for our futures are in the hands of rank incompetent amateurs driven by misplaced Socialist Liberal elitist zeal.


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