Sunday, 21 February 2010

Crocodilus Lacrima

I always knew my secondary school Latin would come in handy one day;

So Gerry Adams is paid £10,000 to present a documentary on FORGIVENESS!
(That’s on top of an MP’s salary and other allowances he claims from British taxpayers yet he has never sworn an oath of office to the Queen on being elected to Parliament)

What this means is that the Sinn Fein president will collect more for his self pity programme than the families of IRA victims have received in compensation for the loss of their loved ones at the bloody hands of his creed. How he dare pocket the money tells you everything you need to know about a man who was a member of such a cowardly terrorist organisation.

Excuse me if I don't watch it as I might drown in the rivers of Crocodilus Lacrima he’ll be no doubt shedding on screen, the only television programme featuring the odious Adams I would watch would involve him dancing the Tyburn Jig, in fact I would invest in a large screen high definition set for the sheer joy and righteous of such a show.

Then I’d shed a few Lacrima Tripudium


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