Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bliar tours again…..

FANS?? of Anthony Bliar enjoyed a selection of his greatest hits, including Saddam Hussein Was a Horrid Man and the classic show-stopper 45 Minutes from his new one off show The Pinocchio Tour.

Mr. Bliar took to the stage in London for a one-off 6 hour performance that fans felt was a nostalgic celebration of his career-defining 2002 album The September Dossier.

Fans were treated with the opening hard-driving, rock standard Iraq is So Much Better Off now I got rid, before slowing things down with the quiet, soulful Halabja Massacre.

The former prime minister brought the crowd to their feet once more with the bouncy, bubblegum pop of We Don't Have to Take our Clothes Off (To Have a Regime Change).

Helen Archer, a closet Bliar fan from Stevenage, said: "If September Dossier is his Sergeant Pepper then 45 Minutes has got to be his Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

"It's a work of pure imagination and the sort of thing you would think was written in a drug-induced haze, if you didn't already know that it was an obvious and deliberate lie." Helen added.

A source close to Mr. Bliar said: "He's taken his cue from Bruce Springsteen and gone for a six hour performance filled with crowd-cringing favourites that everyone can sing along to, rather than ignoring the audience and doing lots of rubbish new stuff like lets invade Iran that frankly no-one wants to hear, just like Van Morrison would do"
A fan in the audience said: "he didn’t get an encore and frankly we didn’t want one anyway or we’d have had to endure something like a jazz-folk version of People's Princess or Education, Education, Education.

The Source said "while I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, I hear he's been rehearsing a grimey, funked-up remix of Tough on Crime Tough on the Causes of Crime with Tinchy Stryder and Missy Elliot."

The show ended with a classic cover version of Ole Blues Eyes signature tune My Way adapted by Bliar and modified some felt as an appeal to a reminder of his popular glory days 'I did it my way defined the whole performance' one critic added. The audience were not impressed however and some heckling was heard with repeated requests for an old favourite I'm a liar liar my pants are on fire

Bliar brought the house down and the show to a close with the classic lines

“regrets, what’s those to you, but then again yes I'd love the chance to do it all again”

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