Saturday, 5 December 2009


It’s a Saturday morning; it’s misty, cold, damp, and I’m just back from walking Zak ~(who loves to be out no matter the weather) and were both sitting contentedly, he under the radiator, I with my tea while I peruse the state of the world on the web……...time to ramble methinks.

“Climategate” is still in the MSM and now were told an “inquiry” by the UN will take place. Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband welcomed the UN’s investigation but warned against listening to “flat Earth-ers”. These people do make me laugh!

He said: “We need maximum transparency including about all the data but it’s also very important to say one chain of emails, potentially misrepresented, does not undo the global science.” He warned that in the run-up to the talks in Copenhagen there had been attempts to “throw dust” in people’s eyes over the issue. Would that be the same kind of dust Mann and Jones and his ilk at the IPCC has been throwing in the worlds eyes for two decades then Ed?

He goes on: “We must resist that and keep listening to the science and not subscribe to people who are frankly flat Earth-ers.” Gordon supports this view wholeheartedly over in The Guardian. So folks expect copious barrels of whitewash liberally applied.

Speaking of "whitewash" the Chilcot enquiry into Iraq is still spending millions of taxpayers money investigating and hearing testimony regarding Anthony Blair’s “bullying” tactics employed to get his way and the War he wanted against Saddam; tell us something we don’t know puhhh….leeeese……. however we are told that Anthony Blair had his goons – Baroness Morgan and Lord Falconer – reportedly having Lord Goldsmith “pinned to the wall” as he was bullied into a volte-face declaring the invasion of Iraq was legal after all. Hmmmm……joined up Government eh!

I have to ask though, what is the point of an enquiry that is set up not to “apportion blame” as Gordon Brown says. Adrian Hamilton over on the Telegraph explains it far better than I could.

Speaking of “bullying” one tragic victim of just such tactics by Anthony Blair no less (is there a pattern of behaviour Headmaster emerging here one wonders) who has still been denied justice has sparked a legal challenge by six eminent Doctors to obtain an inquest into the death of Dr. David Kelly. There has always been “suspicion” about the nature and circumstances around his death and one has to consider the activities of Lord Falconer and the establishment in this whole “suspicious” affair.

Speaking of “suspicion” one can’t help but be suspicious of the motives of the boy who would be king; unexpected and sudden appearance in Afghanistan to visit British Troops. Surely not a brazen attempt at vote buying “Dave” with the promise of doubling the soldier’s bonuses, shurely shome mishstake?

Given the utterances “that we can’t be here for another eight years” and “time is short……The Afghans think that time is short and the British public think that time is short” for a moment I did think he had picked up a rifle and decided to give the boys a hand to finish the job just that little bit quicker but alas no it was not to be.

Just more Co2 telling the boys and girls on the ground that the situation “is not nearly good enough” and that it’s “probably our last chance, to get it right”. So it’s “once more unto the breach dear friends once more” and we can then “bring British troops home as soon as we can” would that be in time for Christmas then Dave?

Speaking of "soldiers"; yesterday marked the passing of a true soldier in every sense of the word. Richard Todd died aged 90. Richard was a ‘para’ who was amongst the first men to land in occupied France on D-Day 6th June 1944. He took part in the audacious storming of Pegasus Bridge that was immortalised in the film “the Longest Day” ironically playing the part of his commander who led the assault on that day Major Howard.

I have to confess that I have a fondness for “Pegasus” The Para’s motif and co-incidentally my old schools motif too! Our school motto was “Go the Second mile” under a picture of Pegasus and it epitomises everything our forces out in Afghanistan do for each other every single day.

Sadly Richard Todd felt the pain of losing both his sons to suicide and compared the experience of dealing with those tragedies with those of his wartime experiences.

Speaking of true courage and humility (qualities our political elite in the Westminster bubble shamefully lack, nor will ever find) I will leave the last word to the man himself.

“You don’t consciously set out to do something gallant. You just do it.”


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