Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Look out the window if you want to see the weather!!

Well well, just over two weeks ago the Met Office (the very same advocates of Mann Made Climate change) predicted this……

"Weather forecasters have predicted a mild winter for Britain as Prince Charles continued his tour of flood devastated Cumbria.

The Met Office said there was a 50 percent chance of a mild winter thanks to the Pacific weather system El Nino - although many will take its prediction with a pinch of salt after it forecast a 'barbeque summer' earlier this year even though it rained throughout June, July and August."


I think the ‘pinch of salt’ might need to be shovel full’s for the roads if their latest predictions are to be believed….Issued by the Met Office at 10:38 on Wednesday, 16th December 2009

"There is a high risk of severe weather affecting parts of east and southeastern England during Friday.

Heavy snow showers will give accumulations of 5-10cm (that’s 2-4 inches in proper currency) on low ground and 15-20cm (6-8 inches) over hills. Some drifting snow is likely in the strong north to northeasterly wind. This could cause disruption to travel networks. Outdoor events may also be affected by the snow."

This from the same people using the same “computer models” predicting the end of life on Earth, that cannot even predict two weeks in advance what they want us to believe will happen 50-100 years from now all because of Mann made climate change!

Enjoy a Happy white Christmas and don’t forget to look out the window if you really want to find out what the weather is…..

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