Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Here’s an idea you haven’t tried yet Gordon and Alistair

Now no-one with any sense of awareness of what’s going on in the UK can fail to notice were experiencing not only the longest but perhaps the worst recession ever, but President Hugo Chavez has come up with a great new idea to solve his country’s recession………

I was part way through reading this and thought hey I wonder how long before Gordon, Alistair or someone in the EU thinks, “Maybe we should try that” and lo it came to pass and it was so…….trust a vertically challenged socialist French premier to latch onto anything that might increase his perceived stature!

Quite how one bases one’s economy on measuring “happiness” as Bhutan tries to do escapes me……but who am I to argue with the happy clappy people of Bhutan.

So there you have it, a new measure for determining economic progress;

Perhaps Mr Chavez should come to Britain, where we are not only rich and fat but also have unsustainable government spending commitments, rafts of equality legislation, more HSE regulations than garden gnomes and over-generous holiday entitlements. A veritable socialist paradise........

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