Friday, 4 December 2009

And on a Serious note

Climategate is not going away.....the MSM media are picking up on it more and more and even The Jeremey Vine show today had a slot devoted to it. Go for the podcast on the site, it was well worth listening too.

Google had over 21 Million hits this week on the subject too. People want to know what's going on.

However for more serious analytical coverage you can't get much better than WUWT and for the real techies out there this interesting article (warning maths O level may be needed) tries to explain simply how Mann and Jones working on Climate "computer models" for the IPCC manipulated data to fit their own preconceived conclusions about Co2 and man made global warming.

The Warmists and the Politicians in abscence of real empirical scientific data whilst resorting to propoganda and the tactics of fear, have now subtly shifted to a new tack claiming the "debate is over" . Well it hasn't even begun yet!

Make your own minds up but base your judgement on common sense and FACTS not FEAR.


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