Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Phew its getting cold out there….

AJStrata has been looking at more of the hacked data from the CRU archive idl_cruts3_2005_vs_2008b.pdf   which somehow fell (hacked, leaked who cares) out of the ether last week, weyhey!

It contains 155 graphs showing the raw global temperature measurements and ‘trends’ for every country from 1900 though today. PHEW!!

It contains two version of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) ‘processing’ – one from 2005 and one from 2008. What is just amazing from this ‘raw’ data is the realisation that many areas of the Earth are not showing a huge upswing in temperature at all. You don’t say! The raw data paints a completely different picture than the final ‘results’ we saw in Al Gore’s charts and the ‘hockey stick’ effect pushed by all the doomsayer warmists at CRU and bandwagoned by the other acolytes of the faith around the globe.

(As I'm from the UK I have put the UK charts in here) click on image to enlarge

There are 4 graphs for the 4 seasons CRU uses to derive an annual global index (the NCDC level chart). MAM in the upper left panel stands for March-April-May, the next panel is June-July-August (JJA), etc. The purple data is the 2008 version of the data series, and the black line is the 2005. The dashed horizontal line is the mean for that country for that season: red is for the CRU 2008 version and black is for CRU 2005 version....

There is a lot to learn from this data, and how it correlates to other events or conditions around the globe. But what is so evidently clear and plain to anyone who can follow a simple graph is that there was no way to extrapolate from this THE ‘hockey stick’ effect graph from this CRU ‘raw’ data on these charts alone. Other manufactured data had to have been input; which; is why we have things like bristle cones and tree rings from a couple of magic larches in Russia to create the mirage of global warming.

And meanwhile as we have only 12 days left to save the Polar Bears the fear mongering warmists on planet “ZetaLoonyLostThePlotLetsFrightenEveryone” churn out this little gem (persevere with trying to open the link, its worth it) in the run up to Copenhagen on 7th December.

But quite how Venus and I quote from page 12;

“Is the greenhouse effect already saturated, so that adding more CO2 makes no difference? No, (comes the unequivocal answer) not even remotely, it isn’t even saturated on the runaway greenhouse planet Venus”

Bear in mind Venus is a planet with an atmosphere consisting of almost 96% CO2 and it still isn’t “Saturated” with CO2 according to this glossy bit of piffle and would still get even hotter (average surface temperature 465 DegC) if you believed the warmists utter conviction of adding yet more CO2 to an atmosphere, if the Venusians (oh that there were some) still continued to drive their 4X4’s around all day and kept their lights on all night!

But my personal favourite is on page 16 and again I quote:

"Can solar activity or other natural processes explain Global Warming?"


did I read that right? yes it said "no" Our Sun is the source of all energy on this planet, and all species on this planet have been reliant on this energy for the 6 Billion years our little rock has been whizzing through the Cosmos.....sunspot activity is a known and proven influence on our planets climate. Homo-sapiens have been on this planet for 4 million years and the warmists would have you believe that our CO2 emmissions for the last 150 years, yes only the last 150 years out of the last 6 Billion totally negate the evidence that is out there for the "NATURAL" changes in climate that have been going on for all that time.

Truly “fascinating”; as Spock the science officer on the USS Enterprise would have said…..but then he was a creation of fiction too…..wasn’t he?

So there you have it; The complete disregard for empirical scientific evidence in order to promote a different agenda: and they call us "Deniers"

In my view Poverty is the single biggest problem facing the population of this planet today, it dwarfs any other collective set of problems our species faces, but the green leaf brigade want us to expend our wealth trying to halt a naturally occurring phenomenon (and its getting cooler not hotter folks) that’s been going on for billions of years, and upon which we can have no influence at all, well the pulse and lentil brigade can quite happily self-flagellate in their humble wattle and daub dwellings and occasionally drown their pets as a warning to their children about leaving the candle burning for too long, but I’m not buying into it.

Sadly the eco terrorists continue to call in the heavyweight violence of governments to impose restrictions on progress: And the upcoming “climate change” meeting in Copenhagen on 7th December is just another example of how hard they are trying. Unfortunately for us, and the nature of the disastrous public deficit in the UK, the output of the fear film and poster department in DEFRA will continue. Expect more children to be tugging on the sleeves of their parents. "Why didn't you turn the lights off daddy?" "Because I don't want you living in a cave, wearing a sack and gnawing on pulses pet."

You have to wonder what planet these people really are on at times….you really do!


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