Saturday, 14 November 2009

Justice or Vengenace what would you choose?

I went to the flicks and watched Harry Brown today……….

Gritty, raw, uncomfortable and realistic, not for the faint hearted as some scenes are disturbing I would add, but still in my view an accurate reflection of large parts of our society which is in effect a documentary for the Broken Britain of today! It does not have an 18 certificate for nothing.

I would urge you to go see it.

I’m not a film critic but I enjoy a good movie and this truly reflects (95% of the film anyway) the society that many, especially the “honest poor” and increasingly most of us have to live in today.

As I’ve said before when you strangle JUSTICE what you get is VENGEANCE.

I do not condone vengeance, I believe in the “rule of law” but just fair and impartial “rule of law” that provides victims with justice and that sends the message that “crime does not pay” but I can understand WHY Harry Brown would want vengeance as the circumstances in the film reflect all too well the reality of Britain today!

However when people like the fictional character Harry Brown that Michael Caine plays are denied justice then unfortunately this is what you may get.

It is so easy to identify with Harry Brown and yes there are scenes when you think “yeah right good on yerrr Harry”. But that misses the point that the final scenes failed to address….namely that why should we even feel the need to take the law into their own hands? If we were given justice we would not feel the way Harry Brown does.

Our gutless politicians of all parties lack the courage to punish crime instead they make excuses for it and therefore deny law abiding people with justice.

It makes me think that unless we see a political party willing, motivated and committed to addressing this huge problem in our society today, we should stop issuing bus passes when you turn 60 and instead issue a revolver!

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