Friday, 23 October 2009

Coup D'etat

We should all remember that when Nu-Labour reneged on its manifesto and failed to give us a referendum (and don’t believe for a minute if you vote for the Tories that the boy king “call me Dave” will ever give us one either) that what was stolen from us was our right to determine our own future; this is theft on the Brinks Mat scale. Our self determination has been stolen from under our very noses.

I was reading in the Telegraph last week (see link) rightly as it happens, making a big deal about the creation of a European Union diplomatic corps, if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified. The article is warning that, once the process has gone though, "before you know it, another slice of sovereignty has slipped away."

But, in raising the alarm here, the Telegraph, in common with virtually every other major commentator and newspaper with one exception I can think of - Peter Hitchens of the Mail on Sunday- is missing the greater danger that will be ushered in by this treaty. The danger is "hidden in plain sight" but has been consistently, blindly and willfully ignored, and continues to be, to this day.

That danger as I’ve said before is the underlying agenda of the "project", which is to create a supreme government of Europe. Central to that are its institutions, which are why the discussion of "institutional changes" is not an advanced piece of irrelevance, but the very essence of the European Union, the very things that create the European Union. Without its institutions it is nothing. It is perhaps too much to ask that people should have any knowledge of the intricacies of EU government, after all not many of us take the time to really dig deep into what has been going on since 1973, except perhaps to comment in the pub on the stream of ludicrous EU directives or the nonsensical judgments in favour of minorities over the common good, handed out by our true “Supreme Court” in Luxembourg not the Jack Straw creation that came into force this month.

But as I’ve said before, the most fundamental change in the Lisbon Treaty is to absorb the European Council into the structural institutional maw of the EU, making it formally an EU institution, bound under treaty law to further the objectives of the EU and subject to EU law. Since the membership of the European Council comprises the heads of state of governments of the member states, this means that our prime minister becomes a servant of the European Union, bound by the treaty to promote its objectives, and subject to its law. He will no longer represent us in the European Union but, as part of the supreme government of Europe, is one of 27 who will determine the policies of the EU for the individual vassal provinces to implement.

Thus, come the general election in June next year, if your mad enough to even vote, don’t for one minute think that the wining party will then go on to form our government. You will be choosing a quasi electoral college which will then go on to choose or maybe even elect the person it wishes to send to Brussels, not as our representative but as one of the 27 in the council who will take part in the supreme government of Europe.

Whatever the result of the general election, therefore, the government of the UK will not change. We in effect will only get to change one member of our government, i.e. our member of the European Council. Those MPs who go on to become ministers will, by and large, assume junior roles in the rubber-stamp directive issuing machine of the Council of Ministers, and then “trot on” home to implement EU laws. But they’ll still collect their salaries and lavish expenses.

To that extent, the next election is devoid of any great significance. Barring those few areas which have not been taken over by Brussels, but which will in time, this new "government" will be gelded of its power. The election next year is primarily an electorally mandated (partial) reshuffle. And that is why the Lisbon treaty is so important an issue. That is why we cannot "leave it there". When or if the treaty, if the Czech President Vaclav Claus folds to pressure, (and he’s not happy to do so, see the link below) comes into force, the all but final step of creating a supreme government of Europe is complete. Frankenstein will have received his bolt of lightning and we will all have to live with the monster we knew was being created piece by piece but wouldn’t believe could live and breathe.

All the "colleagues" will want then is a president (that they choose or maybe elect) and the coup d'état will be complete!

The genius of it all though, it that so few have noticed until now when perhaps it is too late. The EU has learned (unlike Napoleon and Hitler) that the way to take over independent countries is not by force of arms but to create "institutional changes" that go un-recognised for what they are. Leave intact the facades of the formerly independent institutions of the member states, and reward the politicians handsomely with the trappings of power, and lavish expense accounts and the deed is done.

The end game is all but complete. Our politicians have sold their souls. They have allowed or been complicit in allowing our government to be stolen. And if they don't care, we should. We are to be ruled by an alien power. It is not our government – it is theirs. I for one owe it neither loyalty nor obedience and neither should you.

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